Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in Lapland

Inspired by Virushka for an escape to Finland for your honeymoon? Check out the deets here!

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We couldn’t agree more, when Anushka shared a photo from their honeymoon, with the caption, “In heaven, literally.”

Just like their Tuscan wedding, Virushka chose an unconventional yet a dreamy destination for their honeymoon. Turns out the most trending couple spent their honeymoon in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle.

Beautiful Northern Lights in Rovaniemi


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Away from the usual crowd and being an off-beat destination for a couple like Virushka, Rovaniemi could be a fantastic destination for a beautiful, cosy and romantic getaway for all you newly wedded honeymooners.

So sit back and read on… because we have brought all the information you need to know about this Finnish winter wonderland.

So,where is Rovaniemi?

Also known as the Official Hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is the provincial capital of Lapland, Finland, Northern Europe.

Rovaniemi on Map

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What is it famous for?

The village is believed to be the hometown of Santa Claus since 1927.

Santa Claus in Rovaniemi with a reindeer


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  • It is also known for some spectacular views of Northern Lights (Or Aurora Borealis), which are in sight for almost 200 nights a year from the region.

reindeer under beautiful northern lights

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  • The Santa Claus Village

It has been converted into a holiday resort, a famous tourist attraction with various options to find accommodation in holiday cabins, glass igloos and an igloo hotel.

Santa Claus Village with snowy view in Rovaniemi Finland

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  • Santa Claus Main Post Office

Yes! It exists and, is operated by Finnish Government.Letters to Santa at Santa Claus Post Office

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 Best Places to Stay in Lapland

A stay worth remembering is nothing without a comfortable accommodating place. We have listed below a few places to choose from during your romantic skedaddle:

  1. Lapland Hotel RiekonlinnaHotel in Rovaniemi

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2. Lapland Hotel Bear’s Lodge

Lapland Lodge

Image Courtesy:  Google

3. Kakslauttanen Arctic ResortKakslauttanen Arctic Resort

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Best experiences in Lapland

  • Get cuddly with your spouse under the mesmerizing Northern Lights in a glass igloo.unusual honeymoon destinations that are perfect for those who love going off-the-beaten track

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  • Experience a breathtaking spectacle- Kaamos (Polar Lights), when the Sun stays below the horizon for a month except for a few hours of twilight during noon.Kaamos in LaplandImage Courtesy: Pinterest 



  • Take a reindeer ride with your better half!Couple Taking Romantic Reindeer Ride in RovaniemiImage Courtesy: Pinterest


  • Experience the traditional saunas in the heart of  Finnish winter land.
    Traditional Sauna in Lapland

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  • Visit Cultural Attractions and Sights to know more about the region.
  1. Arktikum, the arctic science centreRegional Museum of Lapland, the Arctic Science Centre, and a high-tech conference centreImage Courtesy: Pinterest 

       2. Science Centre Pilke– A northern forest themed museum

Science Centre Pilke

Image Courtesy: Google

      3. Korundi House of Culture– An Art oriented museum for the art enthusiastic couples.

Korundi House of Culture

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  • Visit Ranua Wildlife Park

 Just an hour’s drive south of Rovaniemi, its key attractions are the polar bears, and the brown bears, along with other Arctic animals like musk oxen, moose, otters, wolves, owls.Baby cub and Mama Polar BearImage Courtesy: Pinterest 

Now that we are done with the necessary details,

Let’s talk about the moolah! 

  • For a luxurious getaway, one week for a Couple would cost- 88,657 INR (approx.)

  • A mid-range budget of One week for Couple would be- 57,075 INR (approx.)

  • An easy on the pocket budget of one week for a couple costs – 35,463 INR (approx.)


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