Invitation Ideas That Will Leave You Spellbound: By Khushi Invitations

Creative invitation cards are the basic initial steps where it all actually begins! And the right kind of invitation is required always to set an amazing tone for the big event, don’t you agree?

So, for those who are confused about where to find that perfect invite, we have come up with a creative solution for all your invitation requirements. Khushii Invitations is the one stop solution for all your invitation needs! There love for designing invitations coupled with a commitment for excellence and complete attention to detail creates invites that are designed to perfection. Khushii Invitations has delicately crafted beautiful designs with elegant typography, classic printing techniques, and luxurious handmade papers to reflect the mood and personality of all individuals’ for some of their life’s much treasured occasions.

Have a look at these unique and beautifully designed invitations for various occasions and thank us later!

*Royal Wedding Invitations*

Invitation Ideas That Will Leave You Spellbound: By Khushi Invitations

best invitation ideas

Weddings are a grand affair and Indian weddings are the grandest affair ever! And to start this beautiful celebration with the right tone it is all the more important for one to have an invite that is the show stealer! Invitations featuring all wedding ceremonies and designed with elegance are just what is needed to up the ante of the wedding preparations.

*Floral Invitations*

gorgeous invitation designs

Floral is the new flavor of the season! Floral patterns are in trend and are everywhere, like literally everywhere! Be it the clothes, accessories, or any other thing, it is all incomplete without the floral pattern coming into play! So, why should the invites miss out on the beauty of floral’s? Khushii invitations have some of the prettiest floral invitation patterns that are surely going to be loved by all.

*Kiddy Invitations*

beautiful designs for invitations

Let’s not forget our little ones while talking invitations shall we? Kids have tremendous demands when it comes to their stuff and there are quite a few specific details that are required by them as well! Khushii Invitations has many amazingly cute designs that your tiny tots are gonna love for sure! So, for the next birthday party or any other event for your bundle of joy, try out these cute kiddy invitations.

*Daddy’s Birthday Invite*

best invitation ideas

Coolest invitations for your Daddy cool! For your dad’s birthday invite it has to be nothing but the best of the best, so get an invite that spells out his coolness like nothing else! Like these cool birthday party invitations that have a cartoonish representation of your old man with some cool stuff as side alongs that his buddies are gonna love.  Like some bottles of their favorite spirits? Now who wouldn’t want to have this invite, right?

*Vintage Wedding Invitations*

gorgeous invitation ideas

best brand for wedding invitations

There is no limit when it comes to wedding invitations designs. But a very special wedding invitation type deserving a special mention is the Vintage wedding invitation. These invites are classy, elegant as well as inspired from the vintage stuff, which gives them an exquisite look of their own! And these are perfect for those who are planning a vintage themed wedding, as they would be tone setters for your special day.

*Baby Shower Invites*

amazing brands for wedding invitations

Special ad creative invitation cards designed to announce the arrival of your little ones are a must! And so are the invitations inviting all your loved ones to your baby shower. These cute little patterned baby shower invites are going to be loved and awed by all of your guests and these are surely going to set the cutest tone ever for the baby shower that is about to happen!!

For more inspiration on invitation designs and types CLICK HERE.


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