We’re Giving You The List Of The Most Happening Dance Number For Your Sangeet

Don’t let the classics take over your sangeet. Keep the mood preppy and fresh with these amazing sangeet songs that you and your girls can dance to! Get the top choreographers in Delhi to learn the best moves and they will also suggest you the list best dance numbers for wedding

Girl power sangeet numbers!

best dance numbers

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With the wedding season fast approaching, it is time to kick the dust off the old dancing shoes and get ready to learn some new sangeet choreography. With so many songs to choose from in Bollywood, it is not surprising that you need to go for the right track to dance with your girlfriends too. The whole shebang has to be groovy so it can be a lot of pressure to get the song right but fear not, here are a few songs that are guaranteed to get the crowd going and will be a lot of fun too!

Cutie Pie

hottest dance numbers

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Get some loving on the stage too with this cutesy song and Ranbir Kapoor! Already a crowd favorite at weddings, it is best to kick things off with something that everyone is crushing over currently! Set the tone for more favorites to follow with this one.

Laung Gawacha

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The new remix from nucleya has already become an instant hit with its classic remix on this retro song. It has some mental beats and heavy bass that will definitely get everyone on their feet in no time. The beats also make it an extremely fun piece to choreograph so you know that you can’t go wrong with this one!

London Thumakda

most happening songs

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Now this is a track that is famous across the world! Even aunties and uncles love to shake a leg to this Kangana Ranaut number so you are definitely going to see a lot of laughter and happiness when this one comes up. This is also the perfect song to add in your thumkas and be a little crazy with your choreography so your girls can have some fun!

Kar Gayi Chull

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This is a song you should not leave out! The steps are iconic, the lyrics are hilarious and it has a beat that you just can’t resist. Kar gayi Chull is a great number to add in for the fun quotient of it because it does need to be choreographed as well. That just makes your practice easier too!

Chttiyaan Kalaiyaan

hottest dance numbers

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Bring out your inner Jacqueline with this song and let your girls show off what they have! Being an all-girl song, it is great to close the show with your besties on this number. You can also go slow with some mellow numbers but let’s face it, you want to be the best in the sangeet so why not opt for the ones everyone loves! Get the party going with these classics and you will definitely have a ballet of a time. You can also choose to get the entire performance choreographed by the best choreographers in Delhi.

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