Latest Mehndi Designs For Weddings

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Keep the day feeling a little more special with your favourite kind of henna art. With some many latest mehendi designs to choose from, what do you like the best?

Latest mehendi motifs for your wedding!

bridal feet mehendi

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Everybody loves a good mehendi design. While it is added to your hands most commonly during weddings, people love to wear it at all times! With mehendi being so popular, the ceremonies are looking for new designs and types that will wow the crowd. With the wedding season coming up, it is the perfect time to jump back into this and find out what kind of mehendi designs are trending right now. Here are some of the new kinds of designs that are popular for mehendi:

Quirk factor

mehendi love story

Image Courtesy: Best Mehendi Arts

It is not necessary to always go for the traditional kind of designs and the brides these days are proving that more and more. With quirky and artsy factors coming into play, brides are looking to create something that they will love to look at throughout their wedding! So if you are not a fan of the traditional designs, go for something that is a little more ‘you’!


beautiful bridal mehendi

Image Courtesy: Lata Mehandi

Wedding season is the seasons of love, happiness and cheesiness. So as a bride it is okay to show off your romantic side on your special day in any way you like. Many brides are opting to recreate their love stories on their hands as a reminder of how they got to their special day. With romantic gestures being high on the days leading up to your wedding, here is a way you can showcase yours!


latest mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: Mayuri Mehndi

If you want to really stand out from the crowd, you should do something really cool, like get a half and half mehendi design! Opt for a single design and get it done 50% on your right and 50% on your left. Join them and you get a wonderful story. This is also a really great way of showcasing what you want to on your bid day and don’t worry they don’t always have to be traditional so go ahead and get what you like!


latest mehendi designs

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Hire the top mehendi artists in Delhi to get the most beautiful designs. You are royalty on your wedding day and the days leading up to it so why not look the part as well? Look and feel regal on your special day with some inspired mehendi art. Adorn your hands and your legs with some great royal and awesome mehendi design ideas and you will definitely feel like you are floating for the next couple of days. Your wedding day is going to be the best day of your life so why not goes for the designs that will add some extra joy to this special occasion. With so many offbeat designs to choose from, you are certainly going to find it tough to choose just one!

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