Less is More: Minimalistic Wedding Trends Are In Vogue!

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Weddings used to be loads of bling and over the top décor. The last year saw a change in this style of wedding decoration and themes . The glittery and glamorous décor of the wedding was done to death, and people were looking for something new.

Usher in the Era of Minimalistic Weddings

A brand new trend has been making the rounds in several weddings all over the country. This new style is inspired by the contemporary styles that are now seen in modern interior décor. Clean lines, simple themes and clutter-free décor are the mantras of Minimalistic but the best Wedding Trends.

trends for wedding decor

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This style does away with unnecessary stuff when it comes to décor elements. Everything that is present serves a purpose. And in tune with the saying, “Simple is Better,” this style makes the best impact and impresses your guests to the max. Here, you can find a few pro tips to embrace this style of wedding décor.

#1: Focus on one design element

trends for wedding decor

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Most people equate “minimalistic” with “less.” In reality, it’s not less, but making the most of the carefully chosen design elements that fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Instead of a dozen odd lighting elements, decorate your wedding hall with hundreds of candles placed strategically all over the place. Or you can use a single, fantastic centrepiece to decorate the venue.

#2: Limit your Colour Palette

trends for wedding decor

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You can create a striking impact if you stick to a couple of colours and keep the rest in neutral shades. Decorate the venue in creamy beiges and lighten up the stage with a striking colour to create a massive impact.

#3: Make the most of Natural Lighting

trends for wedding decor

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Wherever possible have the ceremony outside or in a hall with huge windows to let ample sunlight inside. For evening functions, make use of soft amber lights or dim café style lights to mellow down the mood. An additional benefit, natural lighting makes for gorgeous candid shots.

#4: Choose an Interesting Venue

trends for wedding decor

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The biggest benefit of this is that the venue doesn’t need much of dressing to make it impressive. A colonial style building or a hall with stained windows or an outdoor venue with strung lights on large trees and sprawling lawns all make for great minimalist venues.

#5: Keep your dress and accessories simple yet elegant

trends for wedding decor

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Choose flowing fabrics that don’t need over-the-top accessories. Chiffon, crepe, georgette and lace all work wonders. Ditch the crystal necklaces and statement belts. Let your gown do the talking. Follow these simple tips and create a stress-free and clutter-free wedding décor that’s minimalistic in design but big on impact!

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