Celebrating Pregnancy: Make Your Pregnancy Look Super Fashionable!

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So you’re pregnant and wondering what to wear and Indian style maternity Clothes are on your agenda, right? Well, let us tell you this is a great time to enjoy looking wonderful while staying in fashion at the same time. There are so many online maternity stores and platforms selling best pregnancy outfits that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Forget about the tent dresses and wearing your husband’s baggy T-shirts or jumpers. This is a time for celebrating pregnancy and to look gorgeous and trendy. Your neat bump can be a fashion statement rather than a problem to be hidden under yards of loose fabric. Lots of stylish maternity clothes have the ability to stretch and grow with your expanding belly. Some companies use crunching or stretchy material.

Take a look at these great tips on Maternity party wear India:

  1. Go for Natural Fabrics

fashionable pregnancy outfits

When you’re pregnant you’ll find that you have your own central heating system on-board. This means that you can often feel hotter than your non-pregnant friends. Opt for natural organic fabrics such as cotton, silk or wool. Look out for hemp and bamboo fabrics too. These are more recent additions to the clothing market, but they feel lovely and soft and can breathe with your changing body temperature.


  1. Try out Flattering Styles

fashionable pregnancy outfits

Look for stylish maternity clothes that are flattering and incredibly versatile. Buy pregnancy wear dresses Indian that you can wear before, during and after pregnancy. This way you can economize while feeling stylish and looking great. Layering is a great way to go. Start with a few basics like long-line vests, camisoles, tops with and without sleeves, leggings and then add some skirts, tops or dresses that you can mix and match depending on the weather and your mood. Wrap-a-round dresses and tops are wonderful as they fit whatever stage of pregnancy you are at – and after the baby has arrived!


  1. Don’t Let go of your Denims

pregnant celebrity looks

If you enjoy wearing denim and want to continue doing so during celebrating pregnancy you can find plenty of styles. Remember that your belly will keep growing and you’ll need all-over stretch in your jeans. It may not be necessary to buy jeans with an elastic waistband; instead you can find ones that sit below your bump. In case you have some denim jeans that sit on your hips (low rise) you might find that these will fit you right throughout pregnancy. So don’t go rushing out to buy new ones. It could be that some of your pre-pregnancy clothes turn out to be stylish maternity clothes too.


  1. Let Belts be there : Don’t give-up on them

pregnant celebrity looks

Give shape to roomy pieces with a simple cinch. You can simply transform a voluminous dress by adding a vintage belt above your tummy. A belt below the belly also works well with fun tunics and long tees. Just don’t go too tight!


  1. Keep your Edge and Never Forget to look sexy

fashionable pregnancy outfits

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to cover up.  If you never had cleavage before, show it off with a sweetheart or deep-V neckline. Or play up a pair of fabulous legs, with a maternity mini-dress. You can also add flat boots to a tent dress, even a printed one to retain that sexy look!

The experience of being pregnant is not only different for every woman, it’s also very different from one child to the next. Some women will say they feel more gorgeous than they ever have, while others will tell you they felt miserable and bloated. With these tips we are very sure we will add up to your style statement and make you feel and look super amazing.

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