Make Your Wedding Memorable And Fun-Filled With Shaadi Choreography!

Dance shows have become a supremely important part of the wedding culture these days. After all, that’s an unrivaled way of making your loved ones feel even more loved. While you can rehearse to twirl with your kinsfolk on your own steps, the best way out there is to hire a professional choreographer who can help you make your wedding show a total hit. Shaadi Choreography is a top-notch dance house that can tailor the perfect wedding choreography for you. From bollywood to hip-hop, bhangra to ballroom, salsa to contemporary, they have got the best choreographers in Delhi for a memorable wedding time.

You can even go for a theme-based choreography or personalised choreography for a more spirited celebration. Whether you’re planning give an individual performance or a group show, shaadi choreography surely knows how to spruce up the wedding festivities. So, get set, kick off your heels and break into a jig! 😀

Solo Wedding Rollicks for a memorable wedding…..

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Images by: Shaadi Choreography

Festal captures from the solo performances given at a wedding celebration!

Bridesmaids Grooving Together…..

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best wedding choreographer in Delhi

shade choreography

Images by: Shaadi Choreography

Beautiful bridesmaids frolicking together at the steps choreographed by Shaadi Choreography.

Bollywood Inspired Couple Performances…..

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wedding choreography in Delhi

Images by: Shaadi Choreography

Adorable couple performances on hit bollywood numbers!

Flash Mobbing Scenes…..

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Images by: Shaadi Choreography

There is nothing more fun than performing with your family and friends to the desi beats with all that desi dope. So, how can weddings, the biggest celebrations in the our culture, not have some coordinated thumkas and jhatkas?

“Our team of choreographers specialize in different genres. Whatever be your pallet, foreign tadka to a BIG FAT INDIAN wedding or the other way round, you are at the right place. We vow to cater to your needs, in an environment of love, passion, dedication and competency. We at SDC intend to mould your wedding fantasies into tangible realities. So, with the passage of time, as the wedding mayhem metamorphoses into memories, you are reminiscent of the love amidst the hustle, the affection amongst the bustle!” ~ by Shaadi Choreography

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