Most Creative Ring Presentation Ideas For Engagement Party

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Well of course, you are super excited for the most special celebration of your life and you want everything to go perfectly. From the venue to décor, catering to event planning, outfits to wedding jewellery, you don’t want to leave any room for error. After all, it’s your engagement, the day when you are officially going to exchange rings with your life partner.

Yeah, that’s strange but true, in India, rings are exchange on the engagement party not when you are proposed. And what matters more is how the rings are presented to the bride and the groom on the engagement day. So, to help you out, we’ve got some super cool and amazing ring presentation ideas here for you. Scroll down to know about them!

  • Inside the Ring Tray

engagement ring tray

Photo Courtesy: Artland

Yes, ring trays do exist and you can get one of them arranged for your engagement party. The best part is you can get the tray customized according to your preferences or else choose from the list of tray options available with the vendor. Trousseau Packers can help you get your own beautifully coordinated tray. You can get it made in glass, silver, card boards or anything else that you like.

  • Inside a Photo Frame

engagement ring presentation

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

It’s one of the cutest and fanciest engagement rings presentation ideas. All you have to do is get a custom made photo frame from the trousseau packer holding the pictures of two of you and a place to pin the ring inside the frame. Trust us guys; it’s a beautiful way of getting the engagement rings during your engagement party. Plus, your guests are going to go gaga over such ring presentation ideas. You can preserve this frame and keep it in your room for life.

  • Inside a Bird Cage

engagement ring presentation idea

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Imagine having a ring inside a bird cage decorated with velvet case and pretty flowers. Simple yet stunning!

  • Martini Glass And Candies

ring presentation idea

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

You can decorate the martini glass with rose petals and place the ring on a small-sized cushion resting inside it. You can also place candies inside the glass and place the ring on top of them. It is a pretty and creative way of presenting the engagement rings.

  • Make your nephew/niece the ring bearers

engagement ring presentation idea

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Get placards designed for your nephews and niece with ‘Ring Security’ written on them. Now, hang these placards over your niece and nephew and then let your guests’ treasure the moment while they arrive with rings in their hands.

  • Macaroon Boxes, Yeah, For Real!

Engagement ring box

We’re sure you would’ve never thought of something like this. Macaroon shaped ring boxes can look hell lot cute and attractive for your engagement ceremony! You can get two boxes designed in different colors or the same (whatever you like more) and then surprise your guests and family members when the rings arrive. We seriously cannot stop loving the idea of it! You can find these adorable macaroon boxes at Also, you can use them to store your earrings later on.

  • For the love of comic characters

Creative ways to present engagement rings

Think of having Batman or Superman or Pooh as your ring bearers holding the wedding bands around their two arms. Well, it’s going to look super sweet and super creative!!

Wondering where to get these from? Just go to any plat store or kids toy shop near you where you can find stuff toys in all shapes and sizes. Pick up your favorite cartoon or comic characters from the store and that’s it you’re done. You just have to make them wear wedding bands on both sides, both their arms and present this in tray or a platter on your engagement day to woo your partner as well as your guests.


So, here you have it- super cute ring presentation ideas for your engagement party. Now, go ahead, choose the one that you liked the most and do share the pictures as well as the details with us. Till then, stay connected with us for more wedding related inspiration.

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