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A bride in her beautiful wedding lehenga just cannot get over herself. We understand how much you adorn yourself in your pretty bridal getup and we are equally sure that you look dazzling on your wedding day. So, to capture this beauty forever, your wedding album requires some elegant as well as candid shots. Before you get busy with the humdrum of wedding rituals, here is a list of some of the-must-have solo Indian wedding photos for all the to-be-brides out there! The top professional photographers in Delhi will get you the best pose to capture all the beautiful shots.

1. The Mirror Pose

The Mirror Pose

Image Courtesy: Mannat & Nikhil

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of all?” is one question in every brides mind while looking into the mirror. Be it a close-up or a fully taken photo, this picture will speak volumes if taken at the right place and the right time.

2. With the Mehendi

With The Mehendi

Image Courtesy – First Frame HD Studio

Mehendi forms an important part of making you a bride, for most Indian brides it is more than just a ritual. Thus, the Indian wedding photos of the bride showing her mehendi is a must!

3.The Perfect DIVA Pose

The perfect Diva Pose

Image Courtesy – Dipak Studios 

Before getting into the tumultuous of the wedding ceremony, get yourself clicked in the perfect princess shot and let the photographer bring out the best in you. Believe it or not, this is the best wedding shot that can be converted into a full-size portrait.

4.The Back Pose

The Back Pose

Image Courtesy – Dipak Studios 

It’s time to turn your back, but not literally. A picture taken from behind with a picturesque background makes an excellent treasure for the wedding album.  Do make this picture-pose a part of your album.

5.Time to sit down 

Time to sit down

Image Courtesy – Dipak Studios 

Sit on the floor or a bed and spread your lehenga to reflect its beautiful design. Do not forget to add your charming smile and you have got yourself a perfect shot!

6.Unconventional Bride Pose

Unconventional Bride Pose

Image Courtesy – Priyanka Baweja

Gone are the days of shy and coy brides, so it’s time to be your natural best. With your bubbly and cheerful persona, we can bet this picture is going to be your all-time favorite.

7.Up, Close and Personal

Up, Close and Personal

Image Courtesy- Avantika Kapur

A close up shot for the shining bride on her wedding days is a must! The excitement reflected in your smile and the charming glow on your face is going to make it a precious shot.

Feature Image Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

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