One Couple had a Pre-Wedding Bash in Goa and, Of course It was Lit!

Partying in Goa with your fiance, how cool is that, right?  Having a gala time with your beau and closest friends in the Party capital of India is surely the most amazing way to de-stress right before the main events of the wedding! And this is exactly what Ramya and Rahul decided to do for their pre-wedding escape to Goa!

Right from the pretty decor for their daylight party to the Spa sessions, fun-laden games and activities, we loved everything from Ramya and Rahul’s pre-wedding bash and Baraati Inc. made this happy-Goan-affair the coolest event ever!

Meet Ramya and Rahul, the Bride and Groom! 


Day 1- The Stakeout- A Picturesque Poolside Picnic!

This pretty table decor with white flowers and pink and violet table runner!



We love the way these tiny white flowers are complementing the theme of this party’s decoration!


#RARARager was ideated with the first two letters of Bride’s and Groom’s name!

Also, white picnic tables are elevating the decor’s aestheticism!



How pretty this party concierge looks! #LOVE




Love this Goan-style Photobooth!


What a beautiful way to use white Chinese lanterns for a daylight event! Also, the minimalism maintained throughout the party is doing wonders for the event’s theme!


We love the choice of colours that have been used for the balloons, paper flags and the sitting arrangement!





Day 2- Spa and Games!

It wasn’t just any usual pre-wedding getaway for Ramya, Rahul and their friends! Keeping in mind the continuous partying the previous day, Baraati Inc planned the perfect recovery party- It was a sporty SPARTY involving massages for the tired and competitive games for the pumped!


Classic beach chairs and half tents provided the perfect resting corners to get pampered with a soothing foot massage!




This uber cool set up is perfect for a quick click!

P.S. Love the frame, the fairy lights embellishing tree’s trunk and those cute pink and blue pillows!



We call dibs on this mini snack and booze bar! Oh, and don’t miss the cart with chilled water bottles for hydration in between all the drinking!



Let the tug-of-war begin!!

So there was Team Groom and Team Bride! Before the contending teams could start playing, every contestant was expected to take vodka-shots! Sounds like a super fun idea, right? Team Baraati Inc. organised all of the gaming activities and came up with the most amazing ideas adding fun to the event by keeping the guests entertained throughout the time!

We love how those white umbrellas hanging with orange dream catchers are together making the decor theme look dreamy!


Apart from the tug-of-war, there were other games as well! One of the games was about repeatedly saying the event’s Hashtag, i.e., #RaRaRager by keeping as many marshmallows as one could in his or her mouth!


And the third game was…

Flip the cup to win it!


We can see how amazing it must have been being a part of this pre-wedding celebration! From the decoration to the fun games and activities, team Baraati Inc did a great job at making this Goa pre-wedding weekend experience an unforgettable one!

In case you were wondering who won, it was…


 Team Bride! 


Team Baraati Inc striking a pose with the stunning couple!

Like what you just saw? Do let us know what do you think of this pre-wedding party!

Event Planning and Execution- Baraati Inc.

Venue- Goa (Riva Resort, Madrem)

Image Credits- Baraati Inc (Rahul D’Cunha Team)


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