Here's How You Can Plan Your Perfect Book-Themed Wedding!

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If you love reading books and would want to throw your wedding function around a similar theme, you’re on the right page! Your best event planner in Delhi will you achieve the perfect look and everything related to your theme on your wedding!

And yes, don’t worry as any library book or extra sheets of paper wouldn’t be ruined to set the tone for the D-day. So, let’s discuss this this superbly cool concept.

Well, if you’re an avid reader, it’s pretty much possible that you would be holding collections of some old, shabby and outdated books at your home or office bookshelf. You just need to get all of them at one place and ask a professional event planner to organize your special day around the book theme. A few exclusive decorations will set the tone for your wedding functions and make everyone cherish the day for their lifetime. Let’s go through the list of ideas to carry through.

  1. Go Fancy With The Invitation Cards And Boxes!

invitation card

invitation card ideas

Send-out library style invitation cards to your loved ones. Invitation boxes designed in a book format would do good too! You can even get a small book printed for your wedding ceremony. Include chapters on your love story, more about yourself, wedding event details, ceremonies, venue, family members, function themes and other important stuff.

2. Book-themed Cake Design

book design cake

Get your cake designed around a book-theme to set the tone for the wedding day.

3. Revamp old book pages into bouquets, boutonnieres and bows.


paper bow wedding bouquet




It’s the most perfect way to segregate your wedding function from run-of-the-mill stuff. It’s fashionable, classy, trendy and is certainly going to catch the eyeballs!

4. A Perfect Entrance Decor

book themed decor


Plan your wedding entrance decor in a way that is different from generic entrance decorations. Doing it with a cluster of some old and shabby books would be a chic plan to go for!

5. Choose Newsy Wedding Favors

wedding favor ideas quirky wedding themes



How ’bout setting up a mini library at your wedding venue and allowing your guests to pick-up a book of their choice?

You can even gift them a bundle of 2-3 books of their choice with some other goodies in a basket or something. Book-themed earrings are yet another classy idea to go ahead with. This will not only be a distinctive wedding favor but will also keep your guests happy!

6. Creative Decor Ideas

paper decor floral decor paper decor



This is sure to capture the hearts of your guests and will make your big day unforgettable for all. Not just that, it’s a subtle yet refined wedding decor idea to implement on your ceremonial day.

So go ahead and throw a wedding that your people are going to love and cherish!

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