How To Plan A Fabulous Wedding On A Titchy Budget?

If you want to throw an outclass and lavish wedding but do not have the budget to do so, fret not, we’ve got some really quirky tips and tricks for you. TheseĀ budgeted wedding ideas will cost you nothing more than a dime and are sure to leave an impact over your guests. And yes, you are going to totally love these smart ways of organizing a fabulous wedding on a titchy budget. Hire the best event planner in Delhi and you’re good to go.

P.S. You can thank us later for all the quirks that can help you throw an outclass wedding in a tiny budget! šŸ˜›

1. Getting married in off-season

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Planning an off-season wedding has its own set of advantages. Firstly, it’s going to cost you less, really really less, in comparison to functions organized during the wedding season. All the wedding vendors including the caterers, decorators, event planners, venue owners are going to charge you less in the off-seasons (April-June), which can greatly help you to trim down your wedding budget.

2. Cut down on venue costs

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OutdoorĀ best venues in Delhi cost much much more than indoor venues and usually charge huge bucks for extra decorations. So, you not to keep an indoor wedding venue where you can get all the beautiful and dainty decorations done at a lower price?

3. Save on your wedding outfit

beautiful wedding dress

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Getting your beautiful designer wedding outfit on rent is one option. You anyway would never repeat your wedding outfit and it’s going to lie in a corner of your wardrobe for life, so getting a gorgeous designer outfit on rent is a great option. If you want to treasure your wedding outfit memories and keep it with you forever, so you can try the new designers and labels which will give you beautiful designs, colors, motifs and cost you less.

4. Budget wedding rings

gorgeous wedding ring

Want to buy a 1 carat solitaire ring but its prices are sky high? Well, if you opt for a 0.90-0.95 carat solitaire ring, it’s going to cost you 60-70k lesser than the normal ring and the diamond size will almost be the same. It’s a good cost saving hack that you must try for throwing a budgeted wedding.

5. Save on your wedding photography

wedding photography

Now, we know you want to get each and every special moment covered by yourĀ best professional photographer in Delhi. After all, wedding is the most special event of your lifetime. But what if you hire a single photographer from both bride and groom’s side? You can save a lot of wedding photography cost in this way.

6. Save on the catering services

best catering services in town

Live stations are trending high in the top wedding catering industry these days. They don’t just look fancy but also keep your guests happy. The guests tend to eat a lot of starters and food items from the live stations- which are paid for by a fixed price. Lesser plates get picked up and people tend to enjoy more, which lets you save a lot of money and keep your guests delighted at the same time.

7. Save on your wedding invitations

fun and quirky wedding invitaions

Glossy and glittery invitations from the best designers in Delhi charge much more than simple and creative cards made in matte paper. You can select bright-colored paper cards for a quirky and festive look. Also, let the corner be straight and standard as rounded corners cost extra.

8. DIY tips and tricks

DIY decor ideas

DIY decor ideas can make your wedding look like a million bucks at really low prices. You can come up with paper crafts, DIY hanging photograph decor and many other quirks. Decorators usually charge a bomb to deck-up the wedding venue, DIY decor tricks can help you save a lot on your most special days.

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