Pretty Li’l Things You Can Add To Your Blouse To Glam It Up!

Getting that dream blouse designed is not an easy task. Not for us at least. After all, there are so many factors that one has to consider including the trends, fabrics, embellishments, color tones and embroideries. While so many things are in vogue, one generally tends to get confused between choosing a light blouse with a heavy lehenga or a heavy blouse with a light lehenga as the blouse has to be teamed up with the lehenga or an ethnic skirt in the end and both the things should go well together. So, whatever design you finalize you can add these pretty li’l powerful stuff to elevate your blouse look and make it look fabulous. Follow us down to see the tips, tricks, designer blouses and blouse design ideas that can work like magic when you’re trying to enhance the look of your blouse.


blouse with latkans

Image Courtesy: Happy Flashbacks Photography

This trend of designer blouses initiated with the lehengas. Latkans used to be a part of the lehengas but now more and more designers have started using them on the blouses, creating space for a big new trend.

Pom Poms

blouse with pompoms

Image Courtesy: GuiltyBytes

Pom poms are the new blouse heroes. No, we aren’t kidding! Whether you want an ethnic look or a super quirky and sexy look, you can use them in anyway you want and look stylish. From bare backs to necklines, pom poms can be used in either way.


blouse with fringes

Image Courtesy: Payal Singhal

Fringes are really cool, fun and trending high this wedding season. But make sure you use the in a sweet and subtle manner for that elegant and glamorous look. Don’t go over the top and just use them to make your blouse look innovative and pretty!

Sheer Embroideries Floating

sheer design blouse

Image Courtesy: Bride Mahima Mahajan

Sheer design blouses are seen almost everywhere these days. The design literally seems like it’s floating on air. If the blouse is gorgeously crafted, it will team up with the lehenga beautifully without too hard plus make you stand out from rest of the people at the function venue!

Mix and Match Embroideries

beautiful embroidered blouse

Image Courtesy: Ankit Singh

You can also go for mix and match embroideries for that chic embroidered blouse look. Pick up two patterns or embroideries and ask your designer to incorporate them into your blouse design in a fashionable way. It can get you the most pretty outfit look!


off shoulders blouse

Image Courtesy: Purab Paschim by Ankit Khullar

Off-shoulder look is like and loved by many these days. You can implement the same in your blouse design as well. Trust us, off-shoulder blouses and corsets look extremely pretty and stylish when carried well. So, adding those frills to your blouse can make you look fabulous without much hard work just like the pretty blouse designs photos given here!

Have any other blouse design ideas or styles in mind that are trending or can start a new trend? Do share the ideas with us in the comments section given below.

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