Quirky *Gift Ideas* For The Most Special Men In your Life

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Who does not like receiving gifts?

Selecting gifts for the special people in your life is a beautiful art. Any gift can be made special as long as the thought behind it is meaningful. Choosing gifts for men is a task that is seldom easy, but if thought through, you can definitely pick the most amazing gift for the important man in your life!

We have some awesome gift ideas! Whether it is his wedding, birthday, or an anniversary and he is a traveler, workaholic, college student, or a party animal, choose one of these ideas to give him a gift he’ll not soon forget!

#Sock Bouquet

best gift ideas for special me in your life

best gift ideas for special me in your life

A creative solution to the problem most men face in their daily routine, i.e. looking for their precious pairs of socks! Combine few pairs of socks in a bouquet shape and give him this gift that is sure to bring a smile on his face.

#Drinks Bucket


fun gift ideas

A gift that every man is gonna love! A basket filled with his favorite bottles of spirits is going to make the best gift ever!

#Sneakers With A Twist  

best gift ideas for special me in your life

To help him stay in shape, gift him a pair of sneakers with a lovely message written on the box.  And make him run for good!

#Jack Combos

fun gift ideas for men

best gift ideas for special me in your life

quirky gift ideas for men

An ideal combination! Give him his favorite bottle of JD with a buddy pack of coke and all that’s left is to say is a big Cheers! You can also make a combo with JD and a tie or a pair of cufflinks to add a little more worth in the combo.

#5 Senses Hamper

best gift ideas for special me in your life

A gift for each of the five senses – Touch, smell, sight, taste and sound is what this hamper is all about. You will have multiple options for each sense category and 5 gifts are all set to wow the recipient  when you’re done!

#MiniJar Bar

quirky gift ideas for men

quirky gift ideas for men

It’s a small bar in jar! Add a few mini-bottles of his favorite spirits in a jar and gift him his very own mini-jar bar!


best gift ideas for special me in your life

A man-can for your man! This can has a manly bar of soap, spicy shaving gel, a bottle of rum oil and fisherman’s hand butter. It is surely the manliest way of gifting toiletries to your guy.

#Beer Mug

quirky gift ideas for men

This one can never go out of style! A beer mug with a fun quote printed on it. The most cool gift of the lot, this one is what the guys are gonna use for having their Sunday beer’s!


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