Classic Ways To Get Your Safa Right!

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Safa can add a real essence to the outfit. An integral part of the attire, it is what grabs the attention instantly. Safa can be styled in various ways and with many adornments on it. The way in which you drape your safa can change the entire outlook of the assemble. The top menswear designer in Delhi do come up with different styles and this is one of those cool ones.

Safa is also an integral part of the wedding look of a groom, signifying the groom’s respect. Of the entire wedding look, the safa or the turban is what grabs the attention instantly! It is an important part of not only the groom’s attire but also that of his father, uncles, best man and other immediate male relatives. However, the groom’s turban is naturally far more special than the rest. Read on to know how you can make it special and look super stylish with these different safa draping styles.

Rajasthani Style

ways to get your safa right ideas to rock safa perfectly at a wedding

Rajasthani safa is made by giving twists in the safa. They are very artistic and elaborate with heavy embellishments on them. Rajasthani safa are also preferred by many grooms with their wedding attire’s.

Basic Punjabi Style

super cool ways to wear safa perfectly

The basic Punjabi turban is usually sported by best men and the immediate relatives of the groom at a wedding. It is all for the light and casual look that men often want!

Marwari Style

super cool ways to wear safa perfectly

Colorful and bright the Marwari safa has a very intricate draping style. Usually bandhej is used with this style; the Marwari safa increases the outlook of a light outfit!

Royal Turbans

super cool ways to wear safa perfectly

This is one style which can never go wrong! Royal turbans have long tails which makes them a unique style amongst the rest. Paired best with Jodhpuri pants and bandhgala, royal turbans are also a good option for the grooms.

Afghani Style

super cool ways to wear safa perfectly

Afghani style with a bandhgala gives a very elegant look to the ensemble. This style can be done for various sorts of occasions.


super cool ways to wear safa perfectly super cool ways to wear safa perfectly

Another one of the elegant safa draping styles is the sikh-turban look. It is tied like the traditional sikh-pagdi and can be adorned with accessories as well.

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