Spectacular Baby Shower Decor Ideas!

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It’s time to plan a celebration for the lady with a bump and you are searching for the oh-so-special ideas! Not to worry as we have got you an amazing and creative range of baby shower decor tips to give the mommy-to-be the shower of her dreams!

1. Perfect combination of Pink and Blue


baby shower decor ideas

Picture By – Waamos Events

Why put up the two gorgeous color tones you want to use against each other when you can have them both used together! It’s a boy blue and it’s a lovely princess pink – together these two colors give the coolest décor effect.

2. For the Outdoor Celebration 


baby shower decor ideas

Picture by – The event yarn 

If you are planning on an outdoor venue for the baby shower celebrations then this is the thing for you! A big board with cute words for the mommy-to-be along with a creative pattern design makes the best entry attraction and sets the most amazing tone for your shower.

3. Princess Theme 


baby shower decor ideas

Picture By –The 7 Vows

A Princess theme lets you get creative with your food, favors and decorations. Nibble on our sweet ideas for a princess cake, pink color appetizers, decorations and tableware in the cutest pattern ever which are sure to make everyone go “ooh” and “aah” for.

4. The Flower Shower 


cute decor ideas

Picture By – Designer Events Inc., Shaadi Station, Nuptials by Priyanka Pandey

Ladies surely love all the pretty-pretty flowers. So why not go all out and make those lovely flowers the highlight of the event. Starting right from the welcome sign with some lovely flower arrangements to the décor inside filled with flower centerpieces and arrangements, this shower is sure to blossom!

5. Truck-Loads 


cute decor idaes

Picture By – The Event Yarn

A pretty patterned pink and blue food truck in your shower is going to raise its cuteness quotient to the next level. Add some cute paper decorations as hangings and you have got yourself a unique and lovely baby shower decor all sorted!


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