#Spotted: Prettiest Décor Styles From Real Indian Weddings In 2016!

Whether you’re throwing a wedding function at a luxurious hotel or rustic outhouse location, beautiful decor ideas here will help you plan your wedding in the most exquisite style. From minimalistic decorations to extra ceremonial backdrops, everything is intricately fashioned to bring the wedding day vision to life. The top wedding decorator in Delhi will give you the best results.

Style your soiree with the best-est wedding decor ideas, color schemes and styles to leave your guests enchanted with your big day celebrations. Now, let’s go through the gallery of prettiest decorations from real Indian weddings in 2016.

*Bridal Jhula Festooned With Colorful Bangles And Earrings*

pretty Indian wedding decor

This capture from one of the real Indian weddings in 2016, done by Dipak Studios, looks extremely arresting and fanciable. Bangles and other jewellery items have been artistically used to enhance the decor of the bridal jhula. We just cannot get our eyes off this one ethereal capture!

*Inverted Umbrellas Done With Pretty Fabrics*

beautiful Indian wedding decor

beautiful Indian wedding decor

Woah! Extremely beautiful, isn’t it??

Those umbrellas have been done in a exquisite style. Bright-colored fabrics embellished with thread-work on them have been blended blingy borders on the umbrellas. The floral hangings on the other hand are adding so much glam to the entire theme. Needless to say, it looks as innovative as ever!

*Intimate Illuminations*

beautiful Indian wedding decor

beautiful Indian wedding decor

Who knew that such simple illuminations can set a beautiful yet intimate tone for the wedding eve? Well, let’s accept it, the well lit hangings and the incandescent candles are creating a completely mesmerizing! Ain’t it??

*Fun Frames*

gorgeous Indian wedding decor

And here comes the minimalistic background with a lot of fun props adding the much-needed hype to it! The frames are totally doable and worth having at the wedding functions! And yes, that cute signboard, of-course, cannot be missed out!!

*Paper-made Flower Hangings*

amazing indian wedding decor ideas

It’s one of the most easy yet cute wedding decor ideas that you can plan or ask the wedding planner to include on your nuptials.

*Rustic Floral Decorations*

beautiful Indian wedding decor

gorgeous Indian wedding decor

Bold and colorful backdrops have been created to highlight the wedding celebrations. The theme of the event has been kept traditionally Indian, giving a similar look to it. The dhol wala standing at the main entrance of the venue is giving a customarily festive touch to it. Aesthetically color themes and decorations done using marigold flowers and green bael leaves, we must say!

*Traditional Festive Seating*

amazing Indian wedding decor

From glowing green to dazzling orange, yellows, blues and parts of red, ultra-bright shades have been used to bring the rustic Indian wedding decorations to life. furniture settings have also been done in a completing manner which is catching all the eyes, giving the event a much-needed traditional Indian look and feel. Sunflowers, lilies, different colored marigolds and other floral supplies have been abundantly used to give it a jubilant vibe.

*Pretty Circular Swing And Bird-Cages Wrapped With Floral Supplies*

beautiful Indian wedding decor

beautiful Indian wedding decor ideas

Keeping it simple, fun and vibrant, this decor is brilliantly done by the Baraati Inc, a vendor with Functionmania.

The bridal jhula made with floral stocks and framed props are adding the charm to this wedding decor. Even the color combinations are going quite well with the overall theme. Lively pinks, purples and dark reds are worth mentioning about. Colorful and dazzling curtains are also contributing to the overall decorations.

*Magnificent White Backdrop*

beautiful Indian wedding decor ideas

one of the most alluring, lavish and classic decor ideas! This backdrop is exceedingly elegant and giving a royal wedding look. Those floral detailings here and there in white flowers and red roses are giving an intimate touch to it.

Which one did you find the best? Do share your reviews with you in the comments section given below. For more inspiration on wedding decor ideas and themes, click here.



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