The Most Awesome Backdrops For Pre Wedding Photography: By Picture Destination

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Pre wedding photography really special for the couple who is about to tie the knot. These amazing moments of capturing your love for each other give you an opportunity to spend more time together before the D-Day, away from all the wedding hustle and on top of it you sure have a lot of Fun!

The quest of finding these perfect locations is a hassle and at times it tends to get really tiring moving to different places. But you don’t have to worry anymore about that as we have found you a beautiful solution to this problem.

Picture Destination is a location which has all the things you need for a perfect pre-wedding shoot, all in one place. With over 25 amazing backdrops, open areas and numerous props like Colorful Japanese and Rajasthani Umbrellas, A Decorated Cycle, Rickshaw, Balloons, Guitar, Several Bride & Groom Placards, Bride & Groom Eye Glasses, Chinese Fan, Earthen Pots and many more, picture destination has everything one needs. Also, they have all the necessary facilities like make-up room, dressing rooms and customization options for you.

*Love-Themed Setting*

pre wedding photography ideas

So, go ahead check out some of their beautiful and stunning pictures for those special memories in the making and thank us later!

*An Illuminated Wall*

pre wedding photography captures

pre wedding backdrop ideas

This beautiful setup with bulbs all around the wooden wall gives an enchanting look to your pictures! With the pretty lights glowing all around the happy couple, the picture is bound to come out a total stunner, don’t you think?

*Santorini Setting*

backdrop ideas for pre wedding

This set-up is loved and wanted by all! The Famous santorini of Greece recreated at Picture Destination just for you. The Santorini set up is just perfect for all the romantics to showcase their love in the picture and capture this beautiful memory forever!!

*Dreamy Staircase Setting*

pre wedding photography ideas

best photography ideas for pre wedding

For all the princesses at hear, this is your chance to have your very own Cinderella moment! A picture of you strolling down this beautiful staircase with your prince charming is sure to be a precious one. So what are you waiting for? Rush to Picture Destination and start making amazing memories.

*A Library-Themed Backdrop*

best photography ideas for pre wedding

best photography ideas for pre wedding

The special high school secret romance place – a Library! This set up is going to give some picture memories that would surely give the feeling of travelling back in time. And if you two happen to be high school sweethearts, well then this is gonna be your déjà vu click for sure!

*Roadside Restaurant Theme*

fun ideas for pre wedding photography

This is your chance to have your most wanted Bollywood moment! An ethnic set up with a dhaba background with you and your desi munda in it, now ain’t that a pretty picture?

*Colorful Backdrops With Quirky Props*

best ideas for pre wedding photography

best ideas for pre wedding


pre wedding photography ideas

Be it a colorful graffiti or a single colored wall, Picture Destination seems to have it all under one roof! These gorgeous and colorful backdrop walls provide a space to capture some of the most fun as well as candid shots.

*Decorative Cage Of Love*

pre wedding photography ideas

We are literally talking about a real cage here people! A cage set up beautifully in the outdoor space is just what you need for an unusual yet majestic shot. It can be used in many ways also, let’s say you want to go for the fun angle making it the cage of confinement or you could go for the romantic angle depicting it as the cage of love, either ways, this one is sure to give you a great picture!

*Beach Cabana Set*

pre wedding photography for pre wedding

For that lovely sandy feel in a picture, this is it people! Some romantic captures with your beloved with a lovely and beachy backdrop will make your shoot doubly special.

*Rustic Sheltered Theme*

best photography for pre wedding

amazing ideas for pre wedding photography

Another super romantic set up for a lovely photo shoot, just sit and stare into the eyes of your sweetheart in this beautiful tent and you are sure to get one of the most stunning images in your photo shoot.


For more ideas and inspirations on pre-wedding photo-shoot locations CLICK HERE.


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