Swati & Gaurav: A Love Story That Was Engineered In Heavens

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Amidst solving the equations of Java, their hearts programmed themselves to fall in love. This is the story of two engineers turned photographers, who lived their dream after finding their one dreamy love story. Behold your hearts as we’re gonna take you to a most romantic adventure of a couple who followed their heart and success followed them.

Meet Our Couple Swati & Gaurav

weddings by white fork

Two computer techies who didn’t know the moment they entered their college that their life was soon going to turn upside down, when they would discover their love in each other. Love finds its way through the most complicated spaces and so did Swati and Gaurav found theirs. Although, they were really good friends throughout their college life and didn’t realize their friendship was going up a level, every time they met…It was turning into something more pious, more beautiful and more serene; love. ❤️

pre wedding photo shoot

But what makes their story special is their undying love that set on fire when they parted their ways to build their careers. They thought, as professional engineers, their destiny was at different places but little did they know that success was waiting for both of them at one same place, for them both to be together.  And in that moment, the love deep buried in their hearts sparkled. And they did the most daring thing, took the biggest leap of their lives, left their corporate jobs to be together and pursued the passion that trickled their love story. They embarked on the journey that was destined to be, Gaurav and Swati established their own photography company Weddings By White Fork  and the rest is history in making.

prewedding shoot

This year, they finally tied the knot and vowed themselves a forever and we’re sure you would want to witness more from this charming couple. When you ask for something, how can we deny it! So we’ve got you the mesmerizing captures from this couple’s wedding ceremonies clicked by their company Weddings By White Fork itself and I am sure, you’re gonna love every single one of them. 😍


A fantasy brought to life, that’s exactly what their pre-wedding photoshoot looks like!

Drunk in love, indeed! 😘

weddings by white fork

Roka Ceremony

You have to say they are cute and even cuter together. Aren’t they? ☺️

Is is the charm of the beautiful Frontier Raas designer wear or the bride Swati herself? We’ll go with the latter!

A Fairytale Engagement 

If you still can’t get over with all the allure of the roka pictures then prepare yourself, as the engagement captures from Weddings By While Fork is like a never ending dream in harmony.

The bride Swati looks like a princess in this dress with the hues of peach.

The coordinated Shervani and Jutti of the groom Gaurav is indeed hard to miss.

Royal Wedding With An Amazing Bridal Entry

An enchanted wedding ceremony that will surely seize your hearts!

This amazing flower chariot used for bridal entry left everyone spellbound.

Aren’t they truly adorable? <3


Photography : Weddings by White Fork

Make Up Artist : Prakriti Sharma

Women’s Wear : Asiana couture for Wedding

Frontier Raas for Roka

Shakuntalam for Engagement

Wedding Venue : City Park Gurgaon

Engagement Venue : La Mansion



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