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10 Most Unique Bridal Clutches You'll Want to Flaunt On Your Wedding Day! | Function Mania

10 Most Unique Bridal Clutches You’ll Want to Flaunt On Your Wedding Day!

A bride without a bridal clutch will always be an under-accessorised one! Isn't that right? Despite knowing the typical order of completing a bridal trousseau shopping, let's hark back to it! First comes the wedding lehenga, then comes the jewellery followed by many tiring shopping trips to find the perfect set of bridal footwear and fashion accessories! And, when we specifically talk about bridal accessories, one thing that every bride loves holding on to even after the wedding is that gorgeous clutch she decided to buy for

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The Joy of Dressing is an Art- Function Mania

8 Fashion Blunders Every Girl Must Dodge As A Wedding Guest

If you have recently been invited to a wedding, you are probably feeling excited, nervous and, confused about what to wear for the event! But don't think you are all alone in this. TBH! Every other girl who is to attend the same wedding as you must be equally puzzled about her dress, footwear, accessories and not to forget the hairdo!  The struggle is real, girl! Regardless of your role amongst the invited lot, dressing up for a wedding could be dauntingly confusing due to a gazillion of factors. To name a few...Your closeness to

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5 Most Amazing Bridal Hair Accessories That Will Make You Look Prettier Than Ever

Indian weddings are a huge industry in India and an extravagant affair. It's a week long celebration and the entire family gets on with it. Everyone wants it to be perfect as it's the most special day of their lives. Even the smallest details matter. Specially for the bride it is very important to get her wedding lehenga on point. Then comes the makeup of course. So the best option here is to get your lehenga from the best women's wear designer in Delhi and the top makeup artist in Delhi. Then after that comes your best wedding

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Cool Ways To Own The Maternity Style When You’re Expecting

Your pregnancy isn't time for you to sit back at home and hide but to come out and slay your maternity look. You need to rock the pregnancy phase with the best maternity outfits in Delhi. Many of you ladies are confused regarding what should you wear to stay comfortable yet fashionable during your maternity. So ladies, here are some outfit and style tips for you to own your maternity while you've got a baby bump! Flared Skirts? Oh Yes. Flared skirts look chic and pretty. They're good in hiding your thigh fat and go well with

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