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A Plush Start-Studded Wedding Reception With Stunning Ceiling Decor! | Function Mania

A Plush Star-Studded Wedding Reception With Stunning Ceiling Decor!

When I see how a wedding reception can be the grandest of parties a couple has, there is one thing that I always find my self in awe with, and that is the reception decor. A spin-off from the usual blingy and vibrant wedding decor, a reception party is always on a classier side of the Indian wedding decorative arts! And, this is what this Hyderabadi wedding reception exhibited when everything about it was just awe-inspiring and looked stunning to me! Do you remember that beautiful couple who had their pre-wedding bash in Goa?

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8 DIY Ideas For Budgeted Fun Weddings

If you're on a budget and don't want to make it appear, these DIY decor ideas for weddings can make you actually save a lot of bucks! Trends come and go, so that’s why, here are some super cool ideas which are not only gonna look fabulous, but are thrifty too! These are refreshing and shiny, and all new for your 2017 wedding! Decked up tree branches It's a wonderful and affordable DIY idea which brings class into your top wedding decor  ideas. Perfect for a statement display or you can have smaller versions of this on every

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Now Plan Your Wedding Effortlessly With Zucchini Events!

Happily ever after is a time of celebration, where two souls unite forever to become one! This event deserves a special celebration arranged in a unique manner to make it a long lasting memory. To help you in crafting your very own personal wedding that is nothing short of a fairy tale we have got you some special and professional assistance in the form of Zucchini events. Zucchini events assist you in planning your D-Day with creative efforts and effective management. They fabricate the wedding arrangements from all the

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