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8 Breathtaking Bridal Entry Ideas For Your Wedding! | Function Mania

8 Breathtaking Bridal Entry Ideas For Your Wedding!

While entering with your sisters and bridesmaids will always be one of the most cherishable ways of making a spectacular bridal entry, times have changed and so have the ways of making a bridal entry! From making a traditional entry with brothers under a gorgeous phoolon ki chadar to arriving in a giant wreath shaped carriage, brides these days are coming up with new and unique bridal entry ideas to leave everyone awestruck at your wedding! So, if you are looking for some cool and trendy bridal entry ideas, we've got some

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Function Mania | These Groom Entry Ideas Are The Best For Your Baraat!

These Groom Entry Ideas Are The Best For Your Baraat!

One of the most exciting parts of my job is to find the most interesting pictures from real-weddings! And, today while I , one thing that recurrently caught my attention was how modern-dulhas have been moving away from the conventionality of entering on a horse back by coming up with cool and new ideas to make their entrance a quirky affair! And, if you are one of those would-be-grooms who want to add a unique touch to their wedding entry, the below listed pictures would work perfectly to help you curate new and spectacular idea

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A Tale of An Unsaid Proposal with a Beautiful Destination Wedding!

Sometimes, all it takes is a sweet blow of serendipity to realise that these person you have known for a long time is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with! And, this is what happened with Somya Bhalla and Gaurav Mishra when the hearts were exchanged without uttering a single word. Let's get to what actually made this adorable couple realise that the two of them had fallen in love with each other. The Tale of an Unsaid Proposal (From the bride, Somya herself) It was a usual day out for Somya, her sister and

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Looking for the Best Candid Photographer? These Two Best Friends Will Capture the Most Unique Pictures for You!

You know how we love making your wedding planning an easy-peasy experience. And what's that one thing which can make your wedding memories eternal? Someone who can capture the special memories of your big day! So to ease your search for the best photographers in Delhi NCR, Function Mania heartily introduces you lovely readers to Lenseyezia Productions, a photography and cinematographic venture founded by the two superbly talented lenswomen, Akanksha Verma and Arushi Lakra. Since their school time love for photography, these two

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We’ve Got You Some Most Fun & Beautiful Photo Ideas For Your Haldi Function

When it comes to weddings, we know that mehendi function takes on a lot of attention of the guests as it's pretty and happy day for all. The Best photographers in Delhi will make sure you get the bets moments captured in all your functions. But let me tell you that haldi is that one function which is much much closer to the wedding day, hence, the emotions are a lot and then there's a lot of yellow involved so the pictures, combined with the emotions come out to be great! Haldi functions can be turned around and made fun. Everyone

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10 Things You Must Ask Your Photographer Before Booking !

Your wedding is right around the corner and you're looking to hire the best photographer in Delhi to capture your special moments, just then you contact a photographer recommended by somebody, hire him for covering your celebration moments and pay him the amount in return. But what if things mess up at the last day? What if the photographer falls ill? What if the pictures he snapped aren't good enough? Not just your function pictures will be ruined forever but also the memories that you could've cherished for a lifetime through

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FOTO CULT: Capturing The Wedding Festivities With Perfection!

Wedding functions are the most festive days of our life and we want to hold on to those special moments forever. Of course, managing everything together needs effort, a lot of effort, and we do not want to miss out on any detail of the entire wedding madness. So, to make sure that all the memories and details are captured with perfection, the best photographer must be hired who can cover all your shoots and wedding frenzy exquisitely. Foto Cult is a brainchild of Sunil Verma. Being an eminent photographer, he captures those

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NewBorn Photography: How To Plan Your Baby’s First Shoot?

Planning a shoot for your newborn is an extra special feeling! It's really special to capture their first moments into this world, so that when they look down the memory lane, they have so many memorable moments to treasure. Best Newborn photography is what every couple should plan for their baby. Different people have different styles to snap the newborns. Some of them like using a lot of props, some would want to make it fun and whimsical with different baby poses, but one things that MUST be done is the natural newborn

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Top 5 Creative Must Have Inclusions In Your Photography Package !

Cover photo by : Happy Flashbacks Ask them this, before they shoot you! No! We’re not killing anyone or anything; accept your bachelorhood, and that’s your own doing anyway! We are here only to guide you for the big day, rest, umm, have a great life!? Alright then, jokes apart, and couples getting closer, you’ll need someone to capture all your lovely moments, before and at the wedding ceremonies. And you need to know what’s in vogue. No! You needn’t buy the magazine, this article’s enough where we feature Best Photographers in

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