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Unique Wedding Photoshoot Ideas That Are Anything But Boring! | Function Mania

5 Unique Wedding Photoshoot Ideas That Are Anything But Boring!

Your couple portraits after your wedding will be the most important pictures in your wedding album(s)+ACE And how to get the best wedding photoshoot poses is something which??nowadays newlyweds are taking very seriously+ACE You have got to decide in advance which wedding poses ideas are you going to use on your big day? What kind of pictures have you been wishing to get? And, what exactly you don't want? Because, with all the tiresome family portraits and hourslong rituals and processions, getting??some great wedding stills will

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This Multi-Cultural Wedding Is Surely Going To Capture Your Heart!

Multi cultural weddings are always more fun and joyful+ACE After all, two families belonging to different cultural backgrounds celebrate together and decide to bond for life. We've got one amazing multi-cultural wedding story for you here+ACE The guy hails from a Punjabi family that lives in Karnal, while the girl, originally hailing from the south, has been bought up in Pune +ACY-amp+ADs Mumbai. It's safe to say this wasn't an arranged wedding scenario, these two opposites attracted, and how+ACE The guy and the girl of our multicultural story

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Unique Ideas To Make Your Wedding Album Oh-So-Awesome

We know this gotta be the most boring work of all in the process of wedding. Making albums look like a million bucks task. But just look at the silver lining here, these albums will stay with you forever. These wedding albums are perhaps the only way you can remind yourself of the beautiful wedding you had. Nowadays, the trend of hard copy of the pictures are back. You just need to hire the top professional photographer in Delhi and get the best captures of all. And it's physical evidence you really have. So to make it more fun

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Gorgeous Sikh Wedding + A Dreamy Reception In Chandigarh !

We are absolutely in love with the wedding details of this beautiful couple. Their beautiful wedding outfits to the best decor in Delhi, makeup to hair styling, photography to venue choices, everything was a total winner. Starting from the pre-wedding shoot, their pictures remind us of a fairytale setting. Next was the super fun mehendi celebration with the bride styled in the most amazing way. Engagement, Anand Karaj and wedding captures are astounding as well but our most favorite part is the couple's reception. The bride looks

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