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11 Simplest DIY Step-By-Step Mehendi Designs For You!

So you are not a big fan of Mehendi and you have an upcoming wedding to attend? There might be some of you who love getting a henna tattoo but aren't much inclined to the hours-long commitment you have got to give to your Mehendi? Well, whether its the smell, the hours before you can get back to your other plans, or if you are a sucker for minimal Mehendi designs drawn on your hands, we have a design for each one of you! So, here are 11 simplest DIY mehndi designs you can get done in less than 20 minutes! Yeah, you read it

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11 Beautiful Mehendi Trends for the New Age Brides!

When you are a bride-to-be, dreaming of the perfect Mehendi design is common out of many wishes a girl has! And why not? After all, it is your wedding! But we get it, finding a design for your Mehendi can be a confusing task. Especially, if you are looking for something which is fresh in the trends or if you want to go for something extremely unique and offbeat, leaving the same old patterns behind. Well, after searching through the big giant we call as the internet, we spotted some of the most unique and bespoke Mehendi designs

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Wonderful Benefits of Natural Ingredients Used in an Indian Wedding Rituals

An Indian wedding is a manifestation of numerous rituals and practices with Mehendi and Haldi ceremony being two of the most common amongst all. Although us millennials may consider these age-old traditions to be mere superstitious formalities, you will be amazed to know that almost all of the rituals have some scientific reasons backing their continuous importance associated to an Indian wedding. There are many natural and traditional ingredients used throughout the wedding period and all of them have amazing beneficial

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