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7 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Birthday Party Planner is The Right Choice You'll Make | Function Mania

7 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Birthday Party Planner is The Right Choice You’ll Make

Are you planning a birthday party for your kid? We bet you are wondering why you should hire a professional birthday party planner while it can easily be pulled off if you plan it yourself? While a small gathering can easily be organised, when it comes to a large gathering and an expansive birthday party, it can be a troublesome task for you. We all know how hectic and busying our lives have become, and a planning kid's birthday party perfectly would require a lot of organising, time management, and efforts. And, even if you

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Here’s The Best Event Planner for Your Dream Wedding!

Let's be honest! Planning a wedding is not an easy thing! Be it the decorations, food, seating arrangements or the light works, the job is definitely a tough one. And unlike the old times, in order to have a wedding amazingly planned, you have got to find the best event planner so that nothing goes opposite to what you have been dreaming for. That's what an event planner's job is! To come up with the most beautiful wedding decor ideas, with the perfectly executed functions by keeping your likes and preference for your event

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One Couple had a Pre-Wedding Bash in Goa and, Of course It was Lit!

Partying in Goa with your fiance, how cool is that, right?  Having a gala time with your beau and closest friends in the Party capital of India is surely the most amazing way to de-stress right before the main events of the wedding! And this is exactly what Ramya and Rahul decided to do for their pre-wedding escape to Goa! Right from the pretty decor for their daylight party to the Spa sessions, fun-laden games and activities, we loved everything from Ramya and Rahul's pre-wedding bash and Baraati Inc. made this

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Avengers Birthday Party Theme Decor | Birthday Decor | India Birthday Parties | function mania

Meet Beyond Boundary's, the Perfect Event Planner for Your Upcoming Party!

Hosting a party and making it a memorable event calls for a perfect execution of plans and creativity. You need to have a well-organised plan while keeping the theme of the party super fun and entertaining for the invited guests. And if you ever have seen someone planning a party or have tried doing it all by yourself, you might be well aware what a stressful task planning a party can be! Whatever be the type of your event, it can be made perfectly joyful (as it should be) and well-organised if done properly.  And to take some

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Medha and Ritesh | Wedding Sangeet| | Baraati Inc | This Couple's IIFA Themed Sangeet Is the Most Fun Thing You'll See Today | FunctionMania

This Couple’s IIFA Themed Sangeet Is the Most Fun Thing You’ll See Today

Are you someone who has marveled the grandeur of Bollywood nights and award shows? Someone who's always desired to dance with the stars on the beat of your favorite item number? Be it a song from the 70s or a chart-buster from your current playlist, Bollywood music is the soul of our life and having a sangeet night on your wedding that speaks your love for Bollywood by itself is like a dream come true. And like it's said, when you truly desire something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen for you and Baraati Inc.

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