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Multicolour Sunglasses for Wedding Favour Ideas | Function Mania | Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests will Definitely Love!

Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Definitely Love!

Do you know what time is it? “Ditching-lousy-and-outdated-wedding-favors” O’Clock! Yes! It’s high time we move on from the typical Ganesha idols, wholesale good-for-nothing ‘show pieces’ and boring crockery sets! An Indian wedding is a great deal for the bride, the groom, and their families and not to forget the invited guests. A lot is done to keep the athithees happy during the wedding function, but lack of uniqueness in wedding return-gifts is one thing people do not pay much heed to. Therefore, we have come up with some

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The Most Beautiful And Delish Wedding Favors To Give Out This Year

Weddings in India are a huge deal and a huge industry. We celebrate it as a life size event if someone's getting married in our family. Other than the amazing memories that we make and a lot of alcohol running in our veins , there's something else that we are super excited about - wedding favors! People have started giving out some amazing wedding favors to make things more memorable in their wedding. So here we are putting together a bunch of cool wedding favors that you will definitely love. Mini Alcohol Bottles Wine is

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Super Cool Wedding Anniversary Giveaway Ideas

Anniversaries are special, a day that celebrates your union! And their giveaways should be extra special, after all your prestigious guests have come all the way to celebrate this day with you. So, why not give your guests something they would cherish for a long-long time when they bid a goodbye to you after your event. The extra special giveaways would also ensure that your event would be the talk of the town for a longer span of time. So, go ahead and check out this amazing list of best giveaway ideas and get inspired!

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5 Super Cool Accessories Every Couple Needs To Have

Whether you're already married or planning to get hitched pretty soon, these are some of the super cool couple accessories that you MUST have. Go Check these awesome accessories out!! #Trendy Photo-Covers For The Brides and Grooms One of the most perfect accessories for the bride and groom to be's! Couple accessories that you both can use together and which is fun at the same time!

#Passport Holders For The Couple For the couples who love to travel together and would be sharing many adventures

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10 super sweet ideas for a DIY Anniversary Gift!

Anniversaries are a celebration of love and what sweeter gesture can there be than an anniversary gift for couple made by someone special! So pull up those socks and get going with these cute anniversary gifts to help you make your anniversary celebration even more special and romantic.

The Happy Jar To make your partner happy make this happy jar by filling up a jar with little notes in form of folded chits. You can masons jars as well as normal round jars for this. In the folded chits write short

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