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25 Stunning Summer Wedding Hairstyles We Think Are The Best! | Function Mania

25 Stunning Summer Wedding Hairstyles We Think Are The Best!

While deciding upon a wedding hairstyle for a winter wedding may not be that of a difficult and confusing task, but finding a pretty and comfortable hairstyle for summer brides is definitely a challenge! Just like finding that best bridal lehenga for a summer wedding has to be done while taking the hot weather into consideration, the same goes for finalising upon a summer bridal hairstyle, especially when it comes to the Indian summer! And this brings me to ask this one and the most important question,  are you going to be a

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Best Bridal Hairstyles To Flatter Your Face Shape On The Big Day

Not sure how to get going with your best wedding day hairstyle? Wondering if those gorgeous styles you come across on the net will suit you? No frets! Try using your face shape as a guide to help you pick the right style for your big day. Whether you’ve got prominent cheeks or a wide forehead, we tell you how to make the most of your striking features for your special day. Image Courtesy: In general, there are five common face shapes like round, oval, square, heart and diamond. Read on to find the top

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