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11 Beautiful Mehendi Trends for the New Age Brides!

When you are a bride-to-be, dreaming of the perfect Mehendi design is common out of many wishes a girl has! And why not? After all, it is your wedding! But we get it, finding a design for your Mehendi can be a confusing task. Especially, if you are looking for something which is fresh in the trends or if you want to go for something extremely unique and offbeat, leaving the same old patterns behind. Well, after searching through the big giant we call as the internet, we spotted some of the most unique and bespoke Mehendi designs

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Henna-adorned-hands-of-an-Indian-bride-FunctionMania-Sonal Schadeva Photgraphy

What does henna do besides beautifying a bride’s hands?

Yes, I love pink, I love slumber parties and I love watching those crazy chick flicks but nothing compares to the love I have for getting a henna tattoo! TBH! When it comes to weddings, you will never see me missing a Mehendi ceremony! And I know you will agree with me on the fun us ladies have while the bride is getting her hands and legs decorated with beautiful Mehendi designs. And and... The excitement with which we wait to see her henna-adorned hands is just something we all know is difficult to hide! But do you know apart

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8 Awesome Ideas To Beautify Your Bridal Mehendi

It's one thing that is ubiquitous at Indian weddings. We rarely would have seen an Indian bride without henna on her hands. Best Mehendi designs for bride is a must for the quintessential Indian bride, at least that's what everyone thinks and says. And why shouldn't it be? Those henna patterns done on the bridal hands look extremely beautiful and alluring. And most of the girls go crazy over getting an artistically rosy mehendi on her hands. Not only it looks good, but is also considered felicitous for the the couple and their

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Bridal Mehendi Designs For Full Hands!

Mehendi designs have become a lot more versatile of late. Best mehendi artists in Delhi give you the best designs with intricate work and hours of sitting to achieve perfection, you can never go wrong with mehendi! Not sure what you should go for? Here are a few options to help you decide which on the best ideas for bridal mehendi designs!  Beautify your hands with mehendi designs! Image Courtesy: Shailesh Aparna Having a mehendi ceremony is one of the most awaited times as a bride. You get to sit back and relax as

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