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You Will Love This New Trend of Geometric Terrarium Decor!

Another wedding season, another influx of wedding decor ideas to go crazy about! With the ongoing changes and advancement in wedding trends, the Indian wedding scenario has only been becoming more and more opulent and glamorous with the passage of time! Every year, we see a multitude of creative themes and decorative elements emerging to elevate the Indian wedding decor to an altogether new level. While a lot of wedding decorations will always remain timeless, there is something new and refreshing that has been trending in the

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8 Steal-Worthy Wedding Hashtag Ideas You'll Love! _ Function Mania

8 Steal-Worthy Wedding Hashtag Ideas You’ll Love!

What I love the most about our wedding industry is, it's always replete with new and unique elements that aren't only worth getting inspired from, but also add a fresh touch to the whole wedding affair! Nowadays, wedding planners, decorators, photographers and even the brides as well grooms are incorporating new ways to add that unique flair to their Big day! And, celebrating the same spirit of creativity we saw many instances of new and amazing ways of including wedding hashtags to the joyous festivities of grand Indian wedding

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6 Disney Themed Weddings That Are Bringing Fairytales Come Alive!

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” Disneyland is a place where dreams come true and for all those who've spent their childhood adoring the enchanting Disney love stories, what could be more magical than to have your own fairytale wedding? Imagine being dressed up as a princess while you await your prince in the altar, in a fairy-tale setting you've always dreamt of... Undeniably captivating isn't it? Your wedding is your own grand fairly-tale in itself and since you're the

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Pretty Li’l Things You Can Add To Your Blouse To Glam It Up!

Getting that dream blouse designed is not an easy task. Not for us at least. After all, there are so many factors that one has to consider including the trends, fabrics, embellishments, color tones and embroideries. While so many things are in vogue, one generally tends to get confused between choosing a light blouse with a heavy lehenga or a heavy blouse with a light lehenga as the blouse has to be teamed up with the lehenga or an ethnic skirt in the end and both the things should go well together. So, whatever design you

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