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You Have to See These Picture-Perfect Mother & Bride Moments!

"I am not looking good!", " I look tired!", " I don't want to interrupt with the kids' fun!" or " My hair is a mess and I didn't have time to get ready!"  Is it just with my mom, or do you also get these same old excuses when you literally beg her to pose with you? TBH! Even in this selfie-savvy time, I have to drag my mom into the frame whenever I try to take a picture with her! And it must be the same case with you, right? Well, on behalf of all girls and, especially, the brides-to-be, we have a message for all the

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6 Disney Themed Weddings That Are Bringing Fairytales Come Alive!

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” Disneyland is a place where dreams come true and for all those who've spent their childhood adoring the enchanting Disney love stories, what could be more magical than to have your own fairytale wedding? Imagine being dressed up as a princess while you await your prince in the altar, in a fairy-tale setting you've always dreamt of... Undeniably captivating isn't it? Your wedding is your own grand fairly-tale in itself and since you're the

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Get Your Magical Moments Magically Captured By This Amazing Photographer!

Photography is an art, not everybody can capture the special moments and details with perfection, let's accept that. Especially when it comes to wedding photography, each and every emotion must be carefully framed and put to life through the camera as the wedding day is the most significant day of our life. And whenever in future we would want to look back on the time frame, we we'll have those beautifully captured moments to cherish. Following their passion to capture glam and gorg details, this couple (Swati and Gaurav,

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