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10 DIY Wedding Gifts For Every Couple

Did you know you can DIY wedding gifts this season? If you’re attending the wedding of close friends or family members, chances are you don’t want to get them some impersonal household item. But you also don’t want to spend a ton of money, OR give a gift that doesn’t have meaning. So, the obvious answer: Make something. And the tough question that follows: But what? Not only will these options keep your budget under control, they’ll be something the couple will cherish for their whole marriage - which, hopefully, is a

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8 DIY Ideas For Budgeted Fun Weddings

If you're on a budget and don't want to make it appear, these DIY decor ideas for weddings can make you actually save a lot of bucks! Trends come and go, so that’s why, here are some super cool ideas which are not only gonna look fabulous, but are thrifty too! These are refreshing and shiny, and all new for your 2017 wedding! Decked up tree branches It's a wonderful and affordable DIY idea which brings class into your top wedding decor  ideas. Perfect for a statement display or you can have smaller versions of this on every

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12 Amazing Ways To Get That Pretty Parlor Look Staying At Home

We all have days when we are too lazy to rush to the parlor and we still want to look our most perfect self on the special occasion. Also, there are times when there's literally no time to reach out to the salon to get ready and we end up weeping in a corner for not looking good on the celebration. Girls, fret not, here we have got you a cheat sheet of how to get a parlor pretty look for your next function without leaving home. Even the top professional makeup artists in Delhi will give you these tips and tricks for easy makeup at

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8 DIY Hair looks To Style Yourself Like A Diva !

Check out the most trending hair-looks like you can try on yourself from your home! Also, you can fix them up with hairsprays and hair mists for a lasting look when going out for functions or parties. 1. The Signature Waterfall Braid

GET THE LOOK: 1. Start with a French braid over your right ear. 2. Get the waterfall portion by pulling the left strand into the center. 3. Then, take hair from the top and put it into the middle portion. 4. After that, take the strand on the right and drop it down. 5. Pick up

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