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The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist For The Indian Bride

Amidst the rush to get ready, look your best and finally make your grand bridal entry on the wedding day, you may tend to miss out on a few important things. To ensure that your evening goes picture perfectly, we've listed below some of the tips and tricks that all you brides must follow. These details have been mentioned by the ladies who have been there, done that and know exactly what you should do right before you make your wedding entry. Follow us down to know important things you must NOT miss out on your wedding day. So,

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Look Stunning On Your Big Day With The Best Makeup And Styling Services In Town!

That gorgeous little dress lying in the corner of your wardrobe looks so soo imperfect without the perfect makeup application on your face. Makeup is more like a necessity these days, at least for us girls. There are no parties, no functions, no celebrations and no festive occasions without girls rocking their makeup look. Therefore, to take care of all your festive seasons and party reasons, we've got you one of the best makeup artist in town. Makeup by Shubhangi Trehan believes in creating impressions through beautifying your

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