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Feature Image | Themes That Will Make Your Sangeet Night EXTRA AF!!!

Themes That Will Make Your Sangeet Night EXTRA AF!!!

Weddings are the single most extravagant event of your life and a desi charged up sangeet night is your chance to go all hysteric. Organising a sangeet jamboree in today’s time without a theme is quite improbable. While deciding on a sangeet night theme, one should keep in mind to keep the quirkiness and craziness quotient at a high. Dancing to the beats of dholkis and DJs on your sangeet is just too mainstream. Sangeet nights are no longer merely a tradition but a statement to make. Here are some amusing themes for sangeet to get

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Beautiful Golden and Pink Wedding Invitation Cards with Laser Cut design | Wedding Invitation Ideas | Wedding Invitation Inspiration | Gold Leaf Design Studio | Function Mania|

This Design Studio Creates the Most Unique and Exquisite Custom-Invitation Cards For All Types of Events!

When it comes to major celebrations like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries, no one gets a second chance at making their first impression while sending an invite! You may save some bucks by sending an e-invite on Whatsapp, Facebook and so on. But mark me! Formal and real-life invitations still occupy the highest place in informing your guests of the must-know details about an event. And unless you are intending to throw a mediocre event, you shouldn't settle for a mediocre invitation card that doesn't evoke excitement for the

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6 Unique Tips To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media

Out of the blue, when your partner goes down on a knee, asking you the one significant question you've always imagined being asked, your happiness exceeds every limit and you can't wait to share the news of your engagement with the world. Your 'Will You Marry Me' moment is so special that you don't want to spoil it's perfection, even if it's on the social sites. You want every-detail of your announcement to be pitch-perfect, so before you change that relationship status on Facebook or start that Instagram story, take a look at

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10 Alternatives To Rose Petals To Sprinkle On The Newly Wedded Couple!

Yes, rose petal give a pretty and dreamy wedding look, but we're so soo done with them now. As the newly wed couple walks out of the wedding arena, they're welcomed with flowers as a part of the tradition to celebrate their new beginning but do you know that you can sprinkle many things other than those same old rose petals on the couple?? We have recently come across such wonderful alternatives to rose petals to sprinkle on the newly weds as they walk out and we completely love these ideas. These alternatives aren't just meant

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Glamorous Delhi Wedding With The Prettiest Mehendi Details!

Their engagement and wedding pictures will remind you of a perfectly dreamy setting and their pre-wedding snaps will take to you a romantically beautiful world! Yeah, this couple's wedding fiesta is worth taking a look at. Gorgeous bridal details, gorgeous groom, super glam decor and swanky settings are sure to leave you with tonnes of inspiration for your wedding. But before we give you a glimpse of their wedding saga, scroll down to know more about this beautiful couple. Meet This Couple: Udit & Muskaan A delhi-based

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The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist For The Indian Bride

Amidst the rush to get ready, look your best and finally make your grand bridal entry on the wedding day, you may tend to miss out on a few important things. To ensure that your evening goes picture perfectly, we've listed below some of the tips and tricks that all you brides must follow. These details have been mentioned by the ladies who have been there, done that and know exactly what you should do right before you make your wedding entry. Follow us down to know important things you must NOT miss out on your wedding day. So,

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5 Awesome Baraat Ideas You’ll Want To Steal For Your Wedding!

Indian weddings for years have all been about the bride and all her wedding finery. Best Indian weddings ideas help you to make the best memories. Now, all that has changed and Indian grooms are enjoying their share of the limelight as well. The grooms of today are unique, bold and have a refined taste. They are willing and even eager to pull in a few stunts to get their share of attention. After all, it’s their big day too. Image Courtesy: The Creative Lens So, if you are soon to be hitched and looking for unique ideas

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