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Here's How You Can Stay Hydrated on Your Wedding Day! | Function Mania

Here’s How You Can Stay Hydrated on Your Wedding Day!

Getting married in the Indian summers comes with its own challenges. You've got to be more than prepared if you have a summer wedding this year! Ensuring your wedding outfit, shoes, wedding venue, decorations and food will be on point is a struggle itself, along with the tiring pre-wedding ceremonies lined up in a fashion that brides and grooms usually don't get sufficient time to relax and take care of themselves! They often end up compromising on their meals and ignore their water-intake. But, we all know how important it is

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Feature Image | Function Mania | Blog Post | Indian Brides and Mothers photo pose ideas | You Have to See These Picture-Perfect Mother & Bride Moments!

You Have to See These Picture-Perfect Mother & Bride Moments!

"I am not looking good!", " I look tired!", " I don't want to interrupt with the kids' fun!" or " My hair is a mess and I didn't have time to get ready!"  Is it just with my mom, or do you also get these same old excuses when you literally beg her to pose with you? TBH! Even in this selfie-savvy time, I have to drag my mom into the frame whenever I try to take a picture with her! And it must be the same case with you, right? Well, on behalf of all girls and, especially, the brides-to-be, we have a message for all the

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Saat Phera Indian Wedding Cake

Classy Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Trend In 2018

Though Shadi ka Laddoo will always top the list for an Indian wedding, with the gulab jamuns, jalebi and halwa following their leader in that sweet and not-so-small platter, an addition of their fellow firangi comrade has been reported of boosting the pleasant sugary experience at a wedding party. Any guesses? Yes! We are talking about Wedding Cakes crafted for the couples who are ready for a happily ever after! From modern to classics, from cute to quirky, we have listed 10 inspiration-worthy wedding cakes for your dream

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This Multi-Cultural Wedding Is Surely Going To Capture Your Heart!

Multi cultural weddings are always more fun and joyful! After all, two families belonging to different cultural backgrounds celebrate together and decide to bond for life. We've got one amazing multi-cultural wedding story for you here! The guy hails from a Punjabi family that lives in Karnal, while the girl, originally hailing from the south, has been bought up in Pune & Mumbai. It's safe to say this wasn't an arranged wedding scenario, these two opposites attracted, and how! The guy and the girl of our multicultural story

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We Just Cannot Stop Gushing Over This Beautiful Bride Flaunting Floral Kaleeras

Indian weddings are celebrated in a massive way in India. The celebrations continue for a week and everyone comes together to congratulate the couple and be a part of the wedding fiesta. Now when it comes to being a bride, well, let me tell you it's not an easy job my friend. Every bride wishes to be a trendsetter by trying something new or start a new trend per se. Our ex-Miss India USA, Natasha Arora was successful to do that. She wore floral kaleeras on the day of the wedding and we just cannot stop swooning. Yes, we've heard

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20 Things Every Eligible-But-Not-Ready-To-Get-Married Girl Is Tired Of Hearing!

We know the boatload of emotional drama all you 20-something single and eligible-for-marriage girls go through on listening to that pesky dialogue. But girls, instead of getting frustrated over those shitty lines (as always), let’s do something better today. Let’s laugh over all the things only we single souls can relate to!! So, here’s a list of all the deep shit dialogues only we eligible, but not ready to *get married* girls are simply TIRED (and annoyed and irritated and mad and……) of hearing: “Beta Rishta Aaya

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