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Gorgeous Details You Can Add To Your Wedding Table Decorations!

When it comes to adding gorgeous details to your wedding decor, a beautiful table centrepiece can be instrumental in giving that WOW factor to your event's theme! With table settings becoming more and more important to the Indian wedding picture these days, we are sure, you wouldn't want miss out on something or anything that can effortlessly jazz up your mehendi, sangeet, wedding or reception decor, for that matter! So, whether you are a wedding planner searching for some inspirational table decoration ideas or you are a

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Medha and Ritesh | Wedding Sangeet| | Baraati Inc | This Couple's IIFA Themed Sangeet Is the Most Fun Thing You'll See Today | FunctionMania

This Couple’s IIFA Themed Sangeet Is the Most Fun Thing You’ll See Today

Are you someone who has marveled the grandeur of Bollywood nights and award shows? Someone who's always desired to dance with the stars on the beat of your favorite item number? Be it a song from the 70s or a chart-buster from your current playlist, Bollywood music is the soul of our life and having a sangeet night on your wedding that speaks your love for Bollywood by itself is like a dream come true. And like it's said, when you truly desire something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen for you and Baraati Inc.

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These Wedding Trunks Have Become A Huge Rage For Stunning Mehendi Decor

Now if someone would've told us about a box lying at home can be used as the top rated mehendi decor item, nobody would've believed. But now in 2017 this pristine but trendy trunk is back on the power trip. It gives a very cool, antique and sometimes fun feel to the kind of decor you do on it. You can use the tin ones for antique-y look and the wood en trunk for more of a fun, pretty look in your decor setup. Symbolism of the wedding trunk is that in the medieval times the brides used to stock it up with their trousseau and

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8 DIY Ideas For Budgeted Fun Weddings

If you're on a budget and don't want to make it appear, these DIY decor ideas for weddings can make you actually save a lot of bucks! Trends come and go, so that’s why, here are some super cool ideas which are not only gonna look fabulous, but are thrifty too! These are refreshing and shiny, and all new for your 2017 wedding! Decked up tree branches It's a wonderful and affordable DIY idea which brings class into your top wedding decor  ideas. Perfect for a statement display or you can have smaller versions of this on every

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