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Two States Redefined

An unconventional match written in the stars, this love chronicle brings us an unparalleled story of two states reuniting. The story of Shree and Neha is a wedding bartender’s special - 30ml of 2 States, 20ml of Serendipity, 15ml of DDLJ, 10ml of Hitch and a whole lot of love!

The story starts somewhere in the summer of 2016 wherein Neha was gearing up for her trip to the Himalayas with cousins and friends, and Shree received a phone call from one of Neha’s travel mates to join them for a trip to the hills. Shree

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How to Take Her Out on a Perfect Date Weeks Before You Tie the Knot!

Whoever said that you just cannot calm a would-be-bride and get rid of her pre-wedding jitters has foolishly underestimated the power of a perfect romantic date! Ain't that right? All those panicky phone calls just 'cause her bridal lehenga isn't ready yet or she hasn't found that perfect pair of bridal heels for the day may be a thing a man can relate to if he is about to get married in a few weeks. But, amidst all the pre-wedding chaos and endless shopping sprees it really gets difficult to steal your fiancee for even a short

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8 Most Romantic Date/Dinner Spots In Delhi

Once you get into that lovey-dovey phase, all you want is some cute private date time with your loved one. Of course going to lounges, clubs and cafes has it's own feel, but that can be done with friends too.  If you're a romantic date lover and like to have conversation with your partner over food and beverages, then we've got your needs sorted. Here are some of the most romantic date/dinner spots in Delhi where you can sit and chill with your sweetheart in a beautiful setting. Even if you're not in a relationship and have a

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