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Most Stunning Makeup Looks We Loved On Brides This Year!

Gold eyes, red lipstick and highlighter- that's the most common look followed by brides in India. But let's be honest, this makeup look has now become quite dated and boring. We need something fresh to crush on, don't you think so?? So, let's take a look at all those brides who went off the beaten track to experiment with these latest makeup looks and we completely loved their wedding makeup looks! Brown Eyes, Fuller Brows, Thick Lashes And Red Lips Image Courtesy: Picture Art Company We totally love the look! Thicker lashes,

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Makeup Trends You Need To Follow This Season

Besides clothing and accessory trends there are latest makeup trends in the industry that are upcoming this season. You absolutely need to check them out as they are created by some professional makeup artist in Delhi. The best makeup artist in Delhi also follow these trends by heart now and it’s time for you to try these looks. Here is the list of some styles in trend. Airbrush Makeup A trend that is here to stay. Giving you an extensive catalog that includes the best airbrush make-up artists in the city. Brides often go

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How To Do Your Bridal Makeup?

In the age of fairy-tale weddings and extravagant Instagram profiles, acing your bridal makeup for wedding function is a must! Book the best makeup artist in Delhi for your wedding! However, thanks to these tips, looking your bridal best is easier than ever. Basic bridal makeup tips for your day! Image Courtesy: Shutter Down Photography Being a bride can be crazily intense. You need to make sure that you are greeting the large number of relatives and friends who have flown in for your wedding whilst keeping an eye on

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