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11 Simplest DIY Step-By-Step Mehendi Designs For You!

So you are not a big fan of Mehendi and you have an upcoming wedding to attend? There might be some of you who love getting a henna tattoo but aren't much inclined to the hours-long commitment you have got to give to your Mehendi? Well, whether its the smell, the hours before you can get back to your other plans, or if you are a sucker for minimal Mehendi designs drawn on your hands, we have a design for each one of you! So, here are 11 simplest DIY mehndi designs you can get done in less than 20 minutes! Yeah, you read it

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25 Simple Mehendi Designs That Will Make You Ditch The Traditional Ones!

Getting a mehendi tattoo means you will have to patiently sit for at least a couple of hours until you are good to go for anything else in this world! Not to mention the struggle we girls go through while saving it from getting that pretty tattoo ruined! Trust me, nothing is more infuriating than having your pretty Mehendi design smudged- all thanks to those callous souls who end up uttering "Oh! I am so sorry,  didn't see your mehendi tattoo!" Besides everything, being a bridesmaid or a close relative to the bride or groom

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