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Feature- drama dose to your bridal pose | Function Mania

7 Ways You Can Give a Dose of Drama To Your Bridal Pose!

While adjusting your accessories, portraits through the veil, a candid laughter may team up to give you a good deal of beautiful bridal poses, brides these days are quirking up their bridal shots with new ideas.  And we spotted such brides who brought altogether a different style to their bridal portraits bringing the fun-factor to their wedding memories! So, if you are also looking out for stunning ideas to bring that extra zeal on your own wedding day, hang on, 'cause we have some cool snapshots to show the pretty brides of this

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We’ve Got You Some Most Fun & Beautiful Photo Ideas For Your Haldi Function

When it comes to weddings, we know that mehendi function takes on a lot of attention of the guests as it's pretty and happy day for all. The Best photographers in Delhi will make sure you get the bets moments captured in all your functions. But let me tell you that haldi is that one function which is much much closer to the wedding day, hence, the emotions are a lot and then there's a lot of yellow involved so the pictures, combined with the emotions come out to be great! Haldi functions can be turned around and made fun. Everyone

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