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A Tale of An Unsaid Proposal with a Beautiful Destination Wedding!

Sometimes, all it takes is a sweet blow of serendipity to realise that these person you have known for a long time is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with! And, this is what happened with Somya Bhalla and Gaurav Mishra when the hearts were exchanged without uttering a single word. Let's get to what actually made this adorable couple realise that the two of them had fallen in love with each other. The Tale of an Unsaid Proposal (From the bride, Somya herself) It was a usual day out for Somya, her sister and

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#TRENDING: The Image Code Blogger Aaliyaa Nensey’s Glorious Engagement Ceremony in Mumbai!

If you have already spotted #Aaliyaaatef trending on your Instagram feed, well, then you know what we are going to be fangirling over in this blog post! Always a stunner in her fashion sense, Aaliyaa Nensey (from The Image Code) is ready to get hitched with Atef Bham and recently made it official with her engagement ceremony that was eternised in a voguish manner! And, we have some pretty amazing pictures from her dream-like Mehendi and Engagement ceremony which exemplified new heights of couple, decor, fashion and squad

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in Lapland

Inspired by Virushka for an escape to Finland for your honeymoon? Check out the deets here!

We couldn’t agree more, when Anushka shared a photo from their honeymoon, with the caption, “In heaven, literally.” Just like their Tuscan wedding, Virushka chose an unconventional yet a dreamy destination for their honeymoon. Turns out the most trending couple spent their honeymoon in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest     Away from the usual crowd and being an off-beat destination for a couple like Virushka, Rovaniemi could be a fantastic destination for a beautiful, cosy and

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8 Situations That’ll Seem Too Real If You’ve Been In A Long-Term Relationship

Have you start dressing like your partner? Picked up his food habits? Or started talking like him? Well, it seems like you two have been in a relationship for a long long time and have now even started picking up each other's behavior and lifestyles. So, if you too are in a long-term relationship and experiencing similar stuff, then you're certainly going to relate to these 8 situations that we have listed here. 1) You start dressing alike Has it ever happened with you that you and your partner accidentally started appearing in

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13 Useful Marriage Advice By Experienced Couples To Not-So-Experienced Ones

We all know that no guy has ever been able to crack the code of a 'happy wife' but all the women know quite well about how to make their men happy (well, that's how amazing they are). But there are some lucky married couples who have cracked the code of a long lasting happy marriage and they are quite willing to share their successful marriage tips with all you newly married couples out there. Love, trust and understanding are the support system of every relationship but you also have to make a little bit of extra efforts to bring

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8 Adventurous & Fun Date Ideas For All Those Not-So-Cliched Couples

As soon as the monsoon comes our precious city turns into a romantic place as love blossoms in every little nook and corner. The reason why this weather is most awaited by all the couples is that the love birds start exploring new beautiful places to visit with their bae. And not always you can go on a food date with your partner so to make memories with your love, we've listed some of the most happening and fun places for you to explore with them. Make more such unique and beautiful memories without spending too much money in

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7 Cute Quirky Proposals That Will Make You Go Weak In The Knees, Really !

We know you've seen enough of cute, cheesy romantic proposal videos and now you're so done with them. But guys, trust us, you wouldn't have seen or even heard of any these best proposal ideas that are even close to these ones. Plus the crazy, quirky quotient has added up a lot more charm in the videos. Don't believe us? Go watch them yourself and let us know later on which one did you like the most ! Isaac's Theatrical Proposal With costumes, dancing, video cameras, laptops, props and people from

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9 Ways To Bring The Spark Back To Your Relationship

Been a long time since you both started dating and now all the butterflies have gone out of the window? Don't worry, these tips listed here will help you know how can still keep the excitement quotient up in your relationship. Here's how you can spice things up in your long-term relationship! Gymming together It has been well said that "A couple who gyms together, stays together!" Instead of spending the cute and nice moments together all the time, plan your gymming routine with each other. It's not just seductive to see your

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This Is Exactly Why You Need To Travel With Your Partner Before Marriage!

Here's why all of you must travel with partner before tying the knot. There are so many beautiful places to travel around the world. Check them out and start making a list of all the places. 1. Creating sweet and romantic memories When you're out on a trip with your loved one at a new and isolated place, you create a lot of new memories and share some unforgettable moments together. Moments which you both can treasure for a lifetime and tell stories about it to the next generation. 2. Surprising discoveries 'bout each

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