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The Story Behind Priyanka Chopra's Wedding Gown: A 75 ft long Veil, Embroidered Names, Her Reaction and More!

The Story Behind Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Gown: A 75 ft long Veil, Embroidered Names, Her Reaction and More!

A 75 ft long veil, a sweet combination of eight different words and phrases, each with special importance to the bride ; a piece of her mother-in-law's wedding dress sewn into her own, Priyanka Chopra's wedding gown was more than just a bridal dress ! It was a creation of artistic excellence, a reflection of pure love that she has for her family, and a gorgeous melange of handwork and designing prowess. Designed by 'THE' Ralph Lauren, Priyanka Chopra's Christian wedding gown was a manifestation of any bride's dream of wearing

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Men, Here’s How to Style It Right This Summer With The Best Outfits Ideas!

Well, the temperature being in the higher double digits these days, one will think thousands of time to get dressed up in formal wear! Thanks to the scorching heat and the approaching days of humid torture in our calendar! But, does the arrival of summers have to be in parallel with the departure of your style quotient or to leave your personal style at home, just 'cause the sun has seemingly been acting hotter than you can look? I guess, not! Right? And going by the same spirit as that of the legendary Barney Stinson, Brahaan

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This is the Ultimate Tuxedo-Guide You Will Need For a Dapper Look!

Let's admit it, girls! Finding a perfect wedding dress is quite an easy task if compared to the confusion and cluelessness that our dear counterparts encounter while finding a nice-looking wedding or party outfit! The struggle starts right from the moment a man thinks of going for his party wear shopping. Be it a traditional event or a formal evening party, if it's the groom himself or other wedding guests, men usually find themselves in a novitial state with less or no certain and conclusive decision on what to choose as their

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