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Saat Phera Indian Wedding Cake

Classy Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Trend In 2018

Though Shadi ka Laddoo will always top the list for an Indian wedding, with the gulab jamuns, jalebi and halwa following their leader in that sweet and not-so-small platter, an addition of their fellow firangi comrade has been reported of boosting the pleasant sugary experience at a wedding party. Any guesses? Yes! We are talking about Wedding Cakes crafted for the couples who are ready for a happily ever after! From modern to classics, from cute to quirky, we have listed 10 inspiration-worthy wedding cakes for your dream

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16 Disney Wedding Cakes That We’re Absolutely In Love With!

If you think you've seen enough of cute, gorgeous, whopping and beautiful cake ideas, then trust us, these cakes are going to leave you spellbound. We bet you wouldn't have thought of something as awesome as these ones. What we've got today is certainly going to make you, your kids and specially all the Disney lovers fall in love with the unique ideas. So, scroll down to take a look at some of the most amazing Disney character cakes that we've recently come across! And yes, of course, you can take inspiration from these unique

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kareena kapoor

You’ll Be Amazed To Know What This Wedding Dress Is Actually Made Of!

Cakes have always been the most essential part of our birthdays, weddings or any other occasion as we speak. All the famous bakery in Delhi make the most delicious cakes. Fancy birthday cakes are a trend now and almost all the best cake bakery in Delhi are doing them. There are multiple good options for a tasty yet a good looking cake. Every good cake designer is experimenting on newer and more beautiful approach of preparing a cake. Whenever you're looking to indulge you hop onto to the best of best bakery for the most delicious

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Here Are The Most Unique Food Trends That You Need To Follow This Wedding Season

We all are aware of that fact that Indian weddings are all about food, so much so that most of us only enter as and when the pheras are over, looking in the direction of the food. So keeping your guests in mind, hire the best caterers in Delhi to serve the best food on your functions. Even if your get the best decorator in Delhi to make your wedding look beautiful or get the best lehenga or sherwanis, all these will never match the compliments you get on the appetizers. So if your wedding is coming up, we're here helping you out

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10 Wedding Cake Ideas We Absolutely Love!

Cake presentation is an important part of the wedding show. While many of us spend hours and days on selecting the entire wedding itinerary and the best wedding venue in Delhi, what we miss out on is the cake designing. There are top bakeries in Delhi that make the most delicious cakes. More gorgeous is the cake, more guests will be enticed by your arrangements. So, here we are giving you the most mesmerizing cake design ideas for your wedding day. We bet you and your loved ones are going to love these amazingly amazing cake

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