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The Ideal Meal Plan For The Bride-To-Be

Your wedding is fast approaching, and we are giving healthy ideas for brides to be on how to lose weight for your wedding day because you hope to look your absolute best and you need the ideal plan to be fit. If, for you, that means dropping a few pounds so you look better in your gown, read on. We're telling you how to successfully meet your own pre-wedding weight-loss goals and how to manage to keep your hands out of the cookie jar and your bodies in motion in the months before your big day. Rather than depriving yourself

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Nutrition Tips: In Conversation With Nutritionist Jasleen Kaur

Whether it's your weight, insulin level, blood pressure or any other thing that has become your concern and you don't know what eating habits you should follow to combat your ailment, then this is certainly going to help you. Many times, we ignore our diet patterns, get careless about it or simply do not consider it important enough for maintaining a good health. That is exactly where it becomes a problem. Right diet is the key to healthy body and mind. If you cannot get your diet right, trust us, nothing else will work. The right

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5-Minute Workout Tricks That can Help You Stay In Shape!

Forget those long workout sessions and demanding hours in the gym to get rid of the flabby chunks. Now, you can stay fit and function-ready with these 5 minute workout tricks. There are many diet tips that a doctor can recommend for you to achieve a balanced a health and shape.  Especially if you're married or planning to get married or the function days are kicking in and don't really get time out of your super busy lifestyle to hit the gym, then this is perfectly meant for you. We're giving you a list of 5-minute power packed

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Mehendi Decor Styles That Are Trending High In 2017

Who says Mehendi function cannot be an elaborate affair? It’s not just a Function involving two people drawing beautiful henna art on your hands as your family and friends gather around, play ‘mehendi songs’ and in general gorge on yummy chaat.  To plan your mehendi with the right ‘SWAG’ have a look at these amazing decor styles that would make you tone up the quotient of your happy moment to the next level!

The Desi Décor Picture by – Nuptials by Priyanka Pandey Go Desi with your décor approach for

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Spectacular Baby Shower Decor Ideas!

It’s time to plan a celebration for the lady with a bump and you are searching for the oh-so-special ideas! Not to worry as we have got you an amazing and creative range of baby shower decor tips to give the mommy-to-be the shower of her dreams! 1. Perfect combination of Pink and Blue

Picture By – Waamos Events Why put up the two gorgeous color tones you want to use against each other when you can have them both used together! It’s a boy blue and it’s a lovely princess pink – together these two colors

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