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8 Breathtaking Bridal Entry Ideas For Your Wedding! | Function Mania

8 Breathtaking Bridal Entry Ideas For Your Wedding!

While entering with your sisters and bridesmaids will always be one of the most cherishable ways of making a spectacular bridal entry, times have changed and so have the ways of making a bridal entry! From making a traditional entry with brothers under a gorgeous phoolon ki chadar to arriving in a giant wreath shaped carriage, brides these days are coming up with new and unique bridal entry ideas to leave everyone awestruck at your wedding! So, if you are looking for some cool and trendy bridal entry ideas, we've got some

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16 Most Useful Tips On Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue!

Selecting a wedding venue is probably the most important and one of the biggest decisions you'll make as a soon-to-be-married couple. While there are a plethora of venue options for an Indian wedding ceremony, choosing the right one is dependent on a multitude of significant factors. Besides, a wedding venue selection these days is so crucial to planning a wedding as it has started influencing the vendors, budget of one's wedding, decor requirements and even a couple's wedding attire. Yeah! That's true, peeps! And, to help you

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WHEN A BENGALI GROOM GETS MARRIED THE TELUGU WAY! Feature Image- Ramya And Rahul Hyderabadi wedding | Start Studded Wedding | Function Mania |


Love is not just a feeling but a concoction of many a great selfless and loving action, for the utmost priority is given to one's beloved's happiness. And, this is what we got to see in Ramya and Rahul's traditional Telugu wedding. Yes, it's the same couple who had this amazing prewedding bash in Goa. As fun and interesting was their pre-wedding escapade to Goa, their wedding was a beautiful affair which we are all crushing over for all the right reasons. What makes this wedding all the more special is what the groom did

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Somya and Gaurav- Studio Pep Photography | couple photoshoot ideas | Photography Ideas | Wedding Photography Ideas | Bride in peach engagement gown | engagement gown ideas | Indian destination Weddings | Function Mania

A Tale of An Unsaid Proposal with a Beautiful Destination Wedding!

Sometimes, all it takes is a sweet blow of serendipity to realise that these person you have known for a long time is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with! And, this is what happened with Somya Bhalla and Gaurav Mishra when the hearts were exchanged without uttering a single word. Let's get to what actually made this adorable couple realise that the two of them had fallen in love with each other. The Tale of an Unsaid Proposal (From the bride, Somya herself) It was a usual day out for Somya, her sister and

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Wonderful Benefits of Natural Ingredients Used in an Indian Wedding Rituals

An Indian wedding is a manifestation of numerous rituals and practices with Mehendi and Haldi ceremony being two of the most common amongst all. Although us millennials may consider these age-old traditions to be mere superstitious formalities, you will be amazed to know that almost all of the rituals have some scientific reasons backing their continuous importance associated to an Indian wedding. There are many natural and traditional ingredients used throughout the wedding period and all of them have amazing beneficial

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Get Your Magical Moments Magically Captured By This Amazing Photographer!

Photography is an art, not everybody can capture the special moments and details with perfection, let's accept that. Especially when it comes to wedding photography, each and every emotion must be carefully framed and put to life through the camera as the wedding day is the most significant day of our life. And whenever in future we would want to look back on the time frame, we we'll have those beautifully captured moments to cherish. Following their passion to capture glam and gorg details, this couple (Swati and Gaurav,

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