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Saat Phera Indian Wedding Cake

Classy Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Trend In 2018

Though Shadi ka Laddoo will always top the list for an Indian wedding, with the gulab jamuns, jalebi and halwa following their leader in that sweet and not-so-small platter, an addition of their fellow firangi comrade has been reported of boosting the pleasant sugary experience at a wedding party. Any guesses? Yes! We are talking about Wedding Cakes crafted for the couples who are ready for a happily ever after! From modern to classics, from cute to quirky, we have listed 10 inspiration-worthy wedding cakes for your dream

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How To Reinvent Your Winter Wedding Theme?

While summers are the perfect season to flaunt your gorgeous wedding attires, beautiful wedding jewelry and everything for that matter, getting married in winters has its own set of benefits and fun. You can go for a proper winter theme or try something that is not already happening around you. Snowflakes and Pine-cones are some of the tried-and-tested winter wedding motifs but you don’t have to bind yourself to these seasonal standbys. Let’s check-out 10 super interesting ways to reinvent the winter wedding theme! *Colors

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