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Fashion Alert: Fringes are back to ‘Jazz Up’ your wedding wear!

If someone would ask me which is my favourite era when it comes to women fashion,  I'd say the 'Roaring Twenties' from the bygone century. With the comfortable and loose garments exuding that iconic oomph of glamour and sparkle, the 1920s was indeed a decade of fashion-oriented styling. Known for the famous flapper look, low waisted sequined dresses, chic bobs and pearls, the era was majorly influenced by Jazz music with people grooving to its laid-back ecstatic tunes. And, reviving the same vintage-vibes of the 20s, Indian

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Indo-Western Dress from a bridal lehenga

Diary of a Forgotten Wedding Dress (And How to Rescue it From a Dusty Fate)

“Heyy! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a longgg time! Remember how people were mesmerized by looking at us? What a great team we made on your wedding day! But you know what? It gets super lonely here in the closet. Everything is so dark, gloomy and these dust particles have been only irritating my fabric! It does get scary in here!” Yeah! That’s your forsaken Wedding Lehenga trying to say something. We all know, this is a fate of most of the wedding ensembles. However, you can save yours from such an eventual seclusion

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Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta In These Awesome New Ways!

When it comes to an Indian wedding, dupatta is one of the few essential components of the traditional outfit. You can take inspiration from the best women's wear brands in Delhi. Dupatta can be draped in many ways to grab all the attention, while creating a trendy style statement. Here they are the most awesome ways to drape lehenga dupatta: The classic saree drape Image Courtesy: Pinterest This one is the classic style of draping a dupatta and the most popular too.  You just need to tuck one corner of the dupatta on

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