Your Partner’s Not Too Excited For Valentine’s? Here’s What You Can Do About It!

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You’ve been with your new bae for quite sometime now and you both are enjoying this dreamy, glittery honeymoon phase with each other. And yes, you two make the ‘chiller’ sort of couple (whatever that means) and do not like doing cheesy things that most of the couples do. Now, valentine’s day is right around the corner and you secretly wish to celebrate this with him ad achieve all those couple goals that you have always wanted to. There must many fun things you want to do with your partner!

You think about planning a romantic candle-lit dinner for valentine’ eve where you both can sit in a beautiful setting, gaze into each other’s eyes (losing sight of everything else), dance and just be together…….

Not so fast honey, remember that your partner never initiated any valentine sort of conversation with you and when you asked him about his valentine plans, he rolled his eyes and impassively said “Nothing, valentine’s day concept is so lame and OTT.”


Well, getting disappointed and giving up on the entire plan is option number one. Option number two is not losing hope and confronting your bae that just because his interest level is minus 100 for valentine’s, doesn’t mean that yours is, too (we know you like the second option more!). So, don’t know how to tell your dispassionate bae that you want to celebrate valentine’s day without sounding like one cheesy girl ?

Worry not, we’ve got some golden nuggets of advice for you on how to confront your dispassionate bae. Scroll down to read about it.

“Affirm their viewpoints.”

It’s really important for you to let your partner know that you’re not neglecting their feelings and respect them their opinions on something. Showing your partner that you affirm their viewpoints would disarm them and let them know that you actually care about their feelings. And believe us, pulling the guns out too fast never works!

fun things to do with your partner

“Come up with something that breaks the monotony.”

If you know that your partner has no interest in celebrating something like valentine’s day, then asking them to go ‘traditional’ can become a big NO-NO for them. Rather you can suggest them to go for something quirky and unconventional like trekking, going on a long drive, rock-climbing, attending a concert or anything else that you both like doing together. After all, relationships are all about compromises and it has to come from both sides!

things to do with your partner

“Take their suggestions.”

Asking them questions about what they would like to do and what not would make them feel valued and important. It gives an impression that their are counted and considered. Don’t expect them to execute exactly what you want and let them add their own preferences to the plan. It will not only get them excited but also make them feel special and adored.

things to do with your partner

“Recognize that it’s a red flag if your partner isn’t willing to compromise.”

If your partner doesn’t agree to settle or compromise for something that would make you happy, then you must treat this as a red flag. Every relationships works on compromises and settlements. If somebody really loves you, they wouldn’t mind doing something with you that would make you feel good. So, if your partner isn’t willing to compromise for you at all, you MUST reconsider your relationship.

fun ways to spend time with your partner


So, girls, we think this is the most perfect way to make things happen and get your uninterested partner celebrate the valentine’s eve with you. Do let us know if it works for you! 😛

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