The Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Venues In Delhi: Details, Prices & More!

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So, your wedding is finally approaching! You’ve got your photographer and theme sorted, now the biggest issue is finalizing a good wedding venue for your shoot. You must be having a lot of questions in your head like where do you want to shoot it? How do you want to shoot it? How much do you want to pay? What is allowed? what is not allowed? And so on…..

Fret not, we’ve listed the best pre-wedding shoot venues in Delhi over here to help you shortlist the one that suits your budget and preferences the most. Scroll down to go through the list of most awesome pre-wedding shoot venues in Delhi.

Picture Destination

Being one of the most spectacular pre-wedding shoot locations around Delhi, this beautiful pre-wedding venue is based in Kundli, NH1, approx. 40 mins from Delhi. This place has larger than life sets, more than 25 backdrops and many props for a hassle free shoot. If you want to leave some fun, colorful and pretty memories on the canvas with your loved one, then this location is ideal for you for couple photoshoot.

photoshoot location

Price: Starts at 10k

Know more about it: Picture Destination

Studio Future Forward

Located on the Gurugram-Faridabad road, this is another of the best pre wedding shoot locations. It is stretched across a 2.5-3 acres of land and holds some of the most beguilingly designed sets in its arena. There are 25 sets in total. Also, the place promises a picturesque setting and dainty setups for professional photographers and couple photoshoot. Not just that, recreational photographers, professional fashion photographers, maternity photographers, magazine and product shoots are also heartily conducted at this place. Each setup is creative done and the location also provides dressing and rest rooms to clients who want to have their relaxed magical moments in this open air photoshoot space.

pre wedding shoot location

Price: On Request

Know more about it: Future Forward

Photo Paradise

This place is a mix of indoor and outdoor shoot locations. It has been designed to meet the requirements of all kinds of photo shoots including pre-wedding shoots, fun couple shoots, family shoots, fashion shoots, magazine shoots, commercial shoots and much more. The location is 30,000 sq feet in area and has an air conditioned makeup and changing room for the convenience of the clients so that they don’t face any issues while getting ready for the most special photoshoot of their life. There are around 50 backdrops with various themes like Spanish, Korean, Fireplace and Graffiti to name a few and over 200 Props including Antique furniture, modern furniture, swing, console, gramophone, guitar, records, cages, a vintage car, a vintage scooter, a 1965 Mercedes Truck, Tata 1613 Truck, Tractor and a Bullock cart. In addition to this, this place has some natural landscapes (over 20 acres) and a brick factory (30 acres) lending to both fashion and couple shoots. The main aim is to provide the best shooting experience to all the clients and they also welcome customization.

pre wedding shoot location

Price: On Request

Know more about it: Photo Paradise

Hauz Khas Village

Providing a huge host of things, this place has become our recent favorite in the list of most amazing photoshoot locations. There’s a deer park behind this location, which you can use (if you’re quiet enough) without anyone noticing you for most possessing and pretty snaps! Also, the small street lanes give that busy, worn out vibe that looks great in the pictures. Added advantage is that the background looks so natural and beautiful having monuments in traditional architecture and a vast landscape.

Price: Free 

The Perfect Location

Another beautiful photoshoot location at the Bardarpur-Faridabad Toll Plaza, this place is literally perfect for you if you want a variety of backdrops for your shoot. They’ve literally got all sort of settings including the Greece theme, an outdoor picnic theme, a horse ranch, romantic light-bulb setup and more. Think of this place having all the setups at one place that you would’ve ever dreamed of, we’re serious! Also, the large tracts of land are ideal for taking long shots and creative motion photography.

pre wedding shoot

Price: Packages start from 15,000-25,000 per day

Know more about it: Perfect Location

Connaught Place

You might be surprised to see this pre-wedding shoot location on the list, but the central heart of Delhi can be used for it’s minimalist vintage theme in the photo and video shoots. You can also incorporate the inner circle and tall buildings for more fancy details in the pre-wedding movies and photos to give an authentic Delhi touch.

Price: Free

ITC Grand Bharat

This place can give you the most awesome settings that you would not even have thought in your wildest dreams. The place might cost you a bomb but if you want an absolutely dreamy shoot with your partner, this venue is totally worth it. If you can spend without any worries, then you must consider the grand theme that this location offers.

Price: Approx 50,000 per day

The Rail Museum

No, we are not kidding. You can use this place for taking some old school and fun shots. It’s will cost you nothing and you can visit this place to bring alive your childhood memories and get some amazingly amazing shots at this spot.

Price: Free

The Roseate

With dreamy setups, pretty settings and beautiful interiors, this place has grabbed our attention the most. If you want a perfectly intimate and dreamlike setup for your photoshoot, then this one place you must definitely take a visit to. There is a beautiful pool area at this place, which might add a dainty touch to your shoot captures. Though this place comes with a hefty price, you must consider it if you can afford it.

Price: Packages start at Rs. 30,000 per day

Lodhi Art District

You will come across colorful walls, vibrant setups and bright backdrops in the bylanes of Lodhi Colony which can give you the most awesome setups for your photoshoot. If you’re te one who is fascinated by colors, then this place can prove to be the extremely captivating and possessing for you. Go check it out once at least!

Price: Free


Here you have it – the list of best venue for planning your perfect pre-wedding shoot! Now, go ahead, take a visit at these places if you want to choose the one that you like the most. 

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