The Last Minute Make Up Hacks Beauty Experts Swear By!

Getting ready for a wedding, a birthday party or for a date with your beau, if running late happens to be on your cards, there isn’t a lot of time you can spend on getting the fine makeup look you usually see Instagram models doing so easily in a matter of minutes! But how about we tell you we have got some super easy makeup tricks that will definitely save your time while you are getting ready for a party and make you look the fine AF! The best part? Some of these tricks are so easy to follow that you would want to leave the usual routine of your makeup aside forever!

Coming straight from the best makeup and hairstyle artists in the country, these makeup hacks will be something you will find yourself swearing by for a very long time! So, whether you are planning to prep up for your best friend’s wedding, or you are that bride who doesn’t like spending too much time on makeup, these 13 make up hacks will save you from the hourlong makeup routines!


1. Focus on either your lips or your eyes

Whatever be the occasion, one thing you must never forget is overdoing both of your beauty assets is definitely a no-no! Either concentrate on your lips or let the eyes do the talking for your party look!

2. Eyeshadow for a hair hack!

Black, brown, red, or blonde; you can easily make your hair parting look voluminous by sprinkling or dabbing a similar shade from your eyeshadow palette!

3. Never miss on the primer!

Whether you are going for a daylight event or an evening soiree, the duration of you staying there would be at least for 4 hours, and therefore, you would want to go for a long-lasting makeup look. So how do you make sure your makeup doesnt get ruined or faded within a couple of hours of you being out there? Use a primer before applying your makeup. Its only function is to make your make up last for a long period of time!

4. Use a matte lip shade if you can’t find your blush!

I don’t even remember, how many times have I gotten late just because finding that one make up item seemed like finding a pin in a haystack! And boy! You have no idea how these little things get their own invisibility cloaks straight outta Hogwarts, especially when you are running late! Speaking of which, if for example, it’s a blush that has been evading your grasp, a light shade of pink or coral matte lipstick can save your day! Apply it with the tip of your fingers on the areas you want to without overdoing it!

5. When leaving a mark ain’t your goal!

If contouring is one of your favourite things, the last thing you would want is to leave a mark on your man’s clothes when you lean on your shoulders! And, to make sure there isn’t another face of yours impressed upon his clothes, just use a wet sponge or a wet hanky and dab it lightly after getting done with your make up routine!

6. No shaving foam? Use your hair conditioner instead!

When you are out of your shaving essentials, a hair conditioner can save you the last minute panicky run to the market! Your hair conditioner will soften the hair for that smooth and close shave you were worried about!

Oh, and don’t forget to apply some talcum powder after the hair-removal as it prevents shaving rashes on the sensitive areas!


7. Say bye bye to puffy eyes!

This is basically the most simple and easiest beauty hack I have learnt so far! All you have got to do is, take a cloth napkin and wrap an ice cube in it. Hold it under each eye for 3-4 minutes before you start applying your make up!

8. Voluminous brows with your eyeshadow!

Even if you don’t have an exact brow enhancer in your make-up bag, the darkest shade that matches the colour of your eyebrow will do the same thing. Use the dry eyeshadow palette for this!

You can also use your dark brown or black mascara (whichever matches your eyebrows) to give them extra volume and depth!

9. Lip balm on your lids…say what???

This may be something that might seem weird for many, but I have seen a lot of my friends using lip balm to get that shiny texture to their eyelid. Just tap a lip balm over the centre of your eyelid to get that shiny eyelid for that dewy look!

10. Thin or thick eyeliner?

If you have small eyes, avoid a heavy eyeliner look, as it makes them look smaller than they actually are! Since the whole point of applying an eyeliner to enhance your eyes, the thinner the liner is, the more open will your eyes look!

11. The rule of 5

Running late doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your party look! As long as you have a concealer, foundation, mascara, lipstick and brow filler (could be an eyebrow pencil or remember our Tip #8?), there won’t be anything to stop you from your gorgeousness-incarnated look!

12. Red tint for that glammed up glint!

Even if you are a no-doer when it comes to heavy makeup and hair styling, a red lipstick can be the best friend you would never want to leave your place without! Even if you apply nothing else but a red lipstick for a party, it will instantly glam up your overall party look! Plus, you can put it even while you are on your way in a cab!

13.  A ponytail to speed up your curling time

If you are pressed on time, and leaving your hairstyling routine isn’t really an option, why not speed up the process? Just make a high ponytail, divide your hair into two sections and start using your curling iron on each of the segments one by one! Doing so will save you those extra minutes which would have been required in case of your usual curling routine with your open locks!


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