8 Awesome Ways To Use Kaleere In Your Wedding

You thought kaleere are only meant for wearing around your bangles ?? We know all you girls love the idea of wearing those beautiful hangings on your wrist and throwing them on one of your sisters head to give them a sign that they’re the next one in the line, but there are many more ways in which you can flaunt those beautiful golden latkans in your wedding. Kaleeras have become a rage in Indian weddings these days, after all they can add an auspicious and pretty vibe to everything. Plus weddings nowadays are all about customization and doing something unique and kaleeras are the latest fad of the wedding season. So, scroll down to take a look at some of the most innovative kaleere decor ideas that you can use in your wedding function!

Mandap Decor

kaleera decor

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Flowers and glitter balls are a thing of the past. kaleere are the hot Indian wedding decor trend of this wedding season. You can make these embellishments a part of your mandap area for an immensely pretty and festive look. This will give a very Indianised vibe to your guests and they’re surely gonna love the idea. Plus you can get some pretty wedding ceremony pictures with those uber pretty kaleere decor ideas.

Photobooth Decor

wedding photobooth

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Kaleere can be made a part of your wedding photobooth too. Just hang them around the photo wall or the props and get ready to have something beautiful captures!

Wall/Entrance Decor

beautiful Indian wedding decor

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We absolutely love the idea of hanging kaleere on the wall or entrance area of your wedding venue. If there’s one thing that can add a happy wedding vibe to anything, it’s this. Kaleere on the entrance or wall area not just look pretty but are also considered auspicious to have!

Tree Decor

dreamcatcher decor

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Kaleeras hanged on the tree can give a kitschy cool yet beautiful feel to your function venue. You can also add dreamcatchers, tassels and other colorful Indian wedding decorations for a more vibrant look.

Venue Decor

wedding kaleere decor

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Conteurs

And of course, kaleeras work brilliantly well as venue decor items. If you’re done with bird cages, cones, kites and bells, then try this all new amazing Indian wedding decor trend that is here to stay! It’s symbolic of a goodluck and looks magnificent at the same time.

In Your ‘Phoolon ki Chaadar’

kaleere ki chaadar

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phoolon ki chaadar

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You can even add kaleere in your phoolon ki chaadar to make it look more attractive and of course this will get you a lot of super pretty bridal entry pictures with that gorgeous chaadar on!

As Your Lehenga Latkan

lehenga latkan

Image Courtesy: Karan Sidhu Photography

Lehenga latkans are a thing now, but have you thought about using kaleere as latkans to beautify your bridal lehenga look? No, right?? Well try it out and believe us, your bridal lehenga is going to look totally stunning!

Ceiling Decor

ceiling decor

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Obsessed with kaleeras? You can ask the event planner to create some kaleera chandeliers to decorate the ceiling of the venue with kaleeras to satisfy your kaleera obsession.

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Feature Image Courtesy: Fotowalle, Pinterest

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